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{Hada Labo}

Will be sharing with y'all 2 of my fav products from Hada Labo today :)
Their lotion is my fav of all & plays a vital role in my daily skincare routine.

(Hada Labo lotion, $22.90)

I really like how it gets absorbed into the skin almost instantly.
Ever experience oily and greasy skin after applying toner/lotion?
I'm sure like me, y'all don't like that feeling. 
I used to look for skincare products that are packaged really nicely/ 
have super nice smell 
but I realised that products that are odourless are actually the best as  
they contain lesser chemicals. 
Besides that,
I used to have super dry skin. 
Really how my skin is much more healthier & moist now after using the lotion. 

Here's the other product that I love.
hahaha I love things that are 3-in-1 / 2-in-1. 
This gel is a moisturiser and a mask!
It also hydrates your skin which is important for those who are staying in sunny Singapore. 
Really like the cool feeling after applying the mask :>
This is def a must-try for me!

Sorry that I have not been updating much lately as I'm rushing assignments & presentations atm 
but I already have a blog post in mind!
Cant wait to share it with y'all!



{Mentholatum Lipcare}

It's Christmas tomorrow & is anyone doing last minute shopping like me?

Here's a great christmas gift idea for your girl friends that costs below $10!
Lip balms by Mentholatum!
Been using this brand still I was in secondary school & love it ever since. 
Was super thankful that Mentholatum sent me a bunch this Christmas!

(the black one's for men!)

LipIce Fruity @ $4.30
(This lip balm gives you fruity cooling burst & comes in lemon, strawberry & apple.)

Sheer Color @ $6.50
(This lip balm is really special cause it's a color changeable lip balm to your unique lip tone.)

Shared these goodies with my girls & fam hehe 
Could tell that they love it
& it really came in handy when I was in HK.
My lips started cracking cause of the change in temperature ):
Glad that I brought LipIce (Sheer colour) with me!



{Joie; meatless dining concept}

J & I were invited to try out the dishes at Joie, 
a restaurant that offers meatless dining concept. 
The restaurant is very well furnished, giving it a really glamorous edge. 

I really like how the rooms have glass panels which allows diners to enjoy the beautiful scenery :)

After everyone was seated,
We were given a very detailed description on the various dishes.

The order of the various courses are:
Divine (appetizer); Chef's Selection of Assorted Platter
Awakening (only available for dinner)
Crescendo (main course)
Sweet Endings (dessert); Chef Dessert Platter
Potion (drink)

The appetiser & dessert were actually a mystery so we had to wait&see!

Our appetiser turned out to be this gorgeous dish:

I've never been to a restaurant that has a really glamorous and fancy ring to it
so the fact that the plating of this dish was so beautiful was a really good way
to start off my course!

Complimentary passion fruit drinks were served to us
to get rid of the aftertastes of the various dishes!
The sour passionfruit taste was really effective I must say!

THIS ^ is my favourite of the lot! Its called Matsutake Cake which consists of steamed japanese mushroom with rosemary gel, golden enoki and creme patisserie, pistachio crumbs!
I would never have expected a mushroom cake to taste so good!

Everything was about this dish was great. All the flavours went really well together!

The boy had Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarella!
It was button mushroom gratin served with a potato puree and focaccia.
I could tell he loved it (well he does love anything and everything with cheese)
just from seeing him devour the dish.
He loves escargot as well and I guess its plus point that the mushrooms looked like escargots
and were served in the distinctive round plates.

This here is called the Zucchini Tower which has creme cheese, truffle mayo, puff pastry,
a beetroot ball and parmesan.
Not really a big fan of the beetroot ball but the puff pastry was well done.
It was surprisingly light despite its look.

The boy had a white asparagus dish (It kinda looked like abstract art!) hah

This dish is called cubes of duo watermelon and its the prettiest dish in my opinion.
I never knew feta cheese, mint glee and balsamic vinegar actually goes well with watermelon!

Look at how pretty this dish is done! 

The Espuma of green tea cappuccino was a kind of soup that was 
actually quite thick. 

Most of the people at our table had the Truffle Risotto and Morel.
I really like how this dish was presented!
By the way, the design on the plate isn't actually part of the plate! 
It was actually hand designed by the Chef which really made the dish 
way more appealing than it already is.

One other had sautéed wild rice which looked really authentic and interesting. 
It gives off a very homely feel heh

Everyone's dishes look so good! 

And finally, my main course has arrived! 
This gives the Matsutake Cake 
a really good run for its money!
Its called trio of spheres which consists of wild mushroom with truffle oil,
pumpkin risotto ball and mozzarella arancini.
& that sauce at the side? 
Its a curry mayonnaise that was really the star of the dish. 
Really happy with how this dish was presented and how it tasted!

The boy loves meat. I mean, LOVES meat. So he got the dish that was 
as closest it gets to meat - Hedgehog Summer Mushroom with celeriac puree. 
Trust me, it really tastes like real meat!
It has this roast chicken texture to it which was really interesting.

For our drinks, I had the ice fruity refresher and 
the boy had ice mallow apple melody.
Both of them were not overly sweet & had bits of fruits within each pot!
The drinks were a good way to end the course.

&of course, lastly, we had an assortment of chocolates to choose from.
There's always room for dessert!

Overall, I really liked the concept of Joie.
 The ambience and food 
was great. Being a restaurant meant for vegetarians and the fact that I love
meat actually made me consider trying this place out but in the end,
I was really satisfied with the service and quality of food provided!
This restaurant gives a great alternative for vegetarians/ vegans. 
I didn't feel as satisfied or full after the meal as I usually would be.
Probably cause of the lack of meat/protein in the dishes 
but it's def an eye opener & a new experience!



{Milly's x EyeLash Extensions}

Y'all should know by now that I'm not very good at makeup :/
&of course, putting on fake eyelashes is a huge challenge for me. 
It doesn't seem to be able to stick on properly, 
one end is never glued properly
&it's always not in line with my natural lashes.

I've heard bout how your natural lashes will drop together with your lash extensions 
so I was quite skeptical bout giving it a go but I'm so glad I did!
It's super hassle free, 
I dont needa put make up when I go out
&whenever I have events to attend/ needa train a group of ppl for events, 
I dont needa worry bout my make up smudging!
YAY :)

I've tried 2 different kinds lashes so far at Milly's
The first one I tried was the single strand ones.
Each strand of lash was glued individually & I actually didn't feel the weight of the lashes at all.
I think these are great for those who are going for the more natural look!
Read bout how some actually experienced red/sore eyes 
so I was super glad that I didn't experience any allergy reaction.
Since this was the first time I've done lash extensions, 
I wasn't used to not rubbing my eyes :/
I had to keep a conscious effort not to rub my eyes heh

Here's how my lashes looked like after 2 weeks: 

I tried the cluster ones next. 
The cluster ones are harder 
&the pros of these over the single strand ones is that they are much more lasting.
Some of the single strands started falling out after 2 weeks
(Think it's cause I'm kinda rough & didn't really maintain them)
but the cluster ones were perfectly intact even after 3 weeks!

Here's how the cluster ones look like:

The cluster ones are not as natural looking 
cause they are glued on uniformly 
&they are way more obvious (longer) as compared to the single strand ones. 
They also look like you've fake eyelashes on 
which is a good thing to me cause it's much more neater with no gaps between each strand. 
The ones I have here are the harder ones so its kinda stiff
but that also means I don't need worry bout them sticking tgt etc. 
For the single strand ones, 
you will needa comb them cause they can get a bit messy. 

these were a lil painful for me even though they have been glued on for a few days. 
I asked Milly bout what the problem might be 
&she advised me to inform the beautician to not paste the cluster lashes at the edge of my eyes. 
She also advised me to try out mixing both the cluster & single strands.
Didn't know I can do that! 
I feel that mixing the cluster lashes with the single strands is of the best
cause then you will have both length & volume. 
I also mentioned to the beautician to remove the cluster lashes at the edges of my eyes.
it worked!
Maybe it cause I have small asian eyes hahaha
I've also inquired for them to add on single strand lashes.

Here's how my lashes are like after 2 weeks:

I'm wearing the softer cluster lashes now.
I like these the best as 
they are super low maintenance & I don't needa worry bout them falling out heh
They are also much more lighter 
& not as rigid as compared to the harder cluster lashes. 

HAHAH did my eye give you a shock?! :}

Good news for y'all!

Milly's is having an Opening Celebration!

Black diamond cluster lash @ $48 (Unlimited Lash)
Usual Price: $65-75

Crown Mink & Royal Fur Single Strand @ $58 (Unlimited Lash)
Usual Price: $85

***Only valid for first 500 customers.
(strictly by appointment at their Bugis cube outlet)

Book your appointment with them:

Far East Plaza #03-131 (6737 6723)
Far East Plaza #03-141 (6737 6723)
Bugis Street L2 (6338 4137)
Bugis Cube #02-12 (6337 6876)
SMS/Whatsapp (8383 5395)

P.S. Code my name "Georgina Poh" to discount :}