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{Joie; meatless dining concept}

J & I were invited to try out the dishes at Joie, 
a restaurant that offers meatless dining concept. 
The restaurant is very well furnished, giving it a really glamorous edge. 

I really like how the rooms have glass panels which allows diners to enjoy the beautiful scenery :)

After everyone was seated,
We were given a very detailed description on the various dishes.

The order of the various courses are:
Divine (appetizer); Chef's Selection of Assorted Platter
Awakening (only available for dinner)
Crescendo (main course)
Sweet Endings (dessert); Chef Dessert Platter
Potion (drink)

The appetiser & dessert were actually a mystery so we had to wait&see!

Our appetiser turned out to be this gorgeous dish:

I've never been to a restaurant that has a really glamorous and fancy ring to it
so the fact that the plating of this dish was so beautiful was a really good way
to start off my course!

Complimentary passion fruit drinks were served to us
to get rid of the aftertastes of the various dishes!
The sour passionfruit taste was really effective I must say!

THIS ^ is my favourite of the lot! Its called Matsutake Cake which consists of steamed japanese mushroom with rosemary gel, golden enoki and creme patisserie, pistachio crumbs!
I would never have expected a mushroom cake to taste so good!

Everything was about this dish was great. All the flavours went really well together!

The boy had Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarella!
It was button mushroom gratin served with a potato puree and focaccia.
I could tell he loved it (well he does love anything and everything with cheese)
just from seeing him devour the dish.
He loves escargot as well and I guess its plus point that the mushrooms looked like escargots
and were served in the distinctive round plates.

This here is called the Zucchini Tower which has creme cheese, truffle mayo, puff pastry,
a beetroot ball and parmesan.
Not really a big fan of the beetroot ball but the puff pastry was well done.
It was surprisingly light despite its look.

The boy had a white asparagus dish (It kinda looked like abstract art!) hah

This dish is called cubes of duo watermelon and its the prettiest dish in my opinion.
I never knew feta cheese, mint glee and balsamic vinegar actually goes well with watermelon!

Look at how pretty this dish is done! 

The Espuma of green tea cappuccino was a kind of soup that was 
actually quite thick. 

Most of the people at our table had the Truffle Risotto and Morel.
I really like how this dish was presented!
By the way, the design on the plate isn't actually part of the plate! 
It was actually hand designed by the Chef which really made the dish 
way more appealing than it already is.

One other had sautéed wild rice which looked really authentic and interesting. 
It gives off a very homely feel heh

Everyone's dishes look so good! 

And finally, my main course has arrived! 
This gives the Matsutake Cake 
a really good run for its money!
Its called trio of spheres which consists of wild mushroom with truffle oil,
pumpkin risotto ball and mozzarella arancini.
& that sauce at the side? 
Its a curry mayonnaise that was really the star of the dish. 
Really happy with how this dish was presented and how it tasted!

The boy loves meat. I mean, LOVES meat. So he got the dish that was 
as closest it gets to meat - Hedgehog Summer Mushroom with celeriac puree. 
Trust me, it really tastes like real meat!
It has this roast chicken texture to it which was really interesting.

For our drinks, I had the ice fruity refresher and 
the boy had ice mallow apple melody.
Both of them were not overly sweet & had bits of fruits within each pot!
The drinks were a good way to end the course.

&of course, lastly, we had an assortment of chocolates to choose from.
There's always room for dessert!

Overall, I really liked the concept of Joie.
 The ambience and food 
was great. Being a restaurant meant for vegetarians and the fact that I love
meat actually made me consider trying this place out but in the end,
I was really satisfied with the service and quality of food provided!
This restaurant gives a great alternative for vegetarians/ vegans. 
I didn't feel as satisfied or full after the meal as I usually would be.
Probably cause of the lack of meat/protein in the dishes 
but it's def an eye opener & a new experience!



{Milly's x EyeLash Extensions}

Y'all should know by now that I'm not very good at makeup :/
&of course, putting on fake eyelashes is a huge challenge for me. 
It doesn't seem to be able to stick on properly, 
one end is never glued properly
&it's always not in line with my natural lashes.

I've heard bout how your natural lashes will drop together with your lash extensions 
so I was quite skeptical bout giving it a go but I'm so glad I did!
It's super hassle free, 
I dont needa put make up when I go out
&whenever I have events to attend/ needa train a group of ppl for events, 
I dont needa worry bout my make up smudging!
YAY :)

I've tried 2 different kinds lashes so far at Milly's
The first one I tried was the single strand ones.
Each strand of lash was glued individually & I actually didn't feel the weight of the lashes at all.
I think these are great for those who are going for the more natural look!
Read bout how some actually experienced red/sore eyes 
so I was super glad that I didn't experience any allergy reaction.
Since this was the first time I've done lash extensions, 
I wasn't used to not rubbing my eyes :/
I had to keep a conscious effort not to rub my eyes heh

Here's how my lashes looked like after 2 weeks: 

I tried the cluster ones next. 
The cluster ones are harder 
&the pros of these over the single strand ones is that they are much more lasting.
Some of the single strands started falling out after 2 weeks
(Think it's cause I'm kinda rough & didn't really maintain them)
but the cluster ones were perfectly intact even after 3 weeks!

Here's how the cluster ones look like:

The cluster ones are not as natural looking 
cause they are glued on uniformly 
&they are way more obvious (longer) as compared to the single strand ones. 
They also look like you've fake eyelashes on 
which is a good thing to me cause it's much more neater with no gaps between each strand. 
The ones I have here are the harder ones so its kinda stiff
but that also means I don't need worry bout them sticking tgt etc. 
For the single strand ones, 
you will needa comb them cause they can get a bit messy. 

these were a lil painful for me even though they have been glued on for a few days. 
I asked Milly bout what the problem might be 
&she advised me to inform the beautician to not paste the cluster lashes at the edge of my eyes. 
She also advised me to try out mixing both the cluster & single strands.
Didn't know I can do that! 
I feel that mixing the cluster lashes with the single strands is of the best
cause then you will have both length & volume. 
I also mentioned to the beautician to remove the cluster lashes at the edges of my eyes.
it worked!
Maybe it cause I have small asian eyes hahaha
I've also inquired for them to add on single strand lashes.

Here's how my lashes are like after 2 weeks:

I'm wearing the softer cluster lashes now.
I like these the best as 
they are super low maintenance & I don't needa worry bout them falling out heh
They are also much more lighter 
& not as rigid as compared to the harder cluster lashes. 

HAHAH did my eye give you a shock?! :}

Good news for y'all!

Milly's is having an Opening Celebration!

Black diamond cluster lash @ $48 (Unlimited Lash)
Usual Price: $65-75

Crown Mink & Royal Fur Single Strand @ $58 (Unlimited Lash)
Usual Price: $85

***Only valid for first 500 customers.
(strictly by appointment at their Bugis cube outlet)

Book your appointment with them:

Far East Plaza #03-131 (6737 6723)
Far East Plaza #03-141 (6737 6723)
Bugis Street L2 (6338 4137)
Bugis Cube #02-12 (6337 6876)
SMS/Whatsapp (8383 5395)



{ Juice Cleanse }

I’m extra particular about the things I share/ promote
because I only wanna share bout/ support things that I believe in & agree with.
I will usually spam companies with questions whenever I’m approached to talk about a certain product.
For example,
I’ll definitely inquire about the nutritional facts if the product is said to be “healthy”.
I’ve turned down sponsorships of products/ events related to alcohol,
Slimming/ weight loss products
& yes,
juice cleansing.
Don’t get me wrong,
I’m not trying to promote myself here or anything (haha)
Neither am I saying that those who drinks
/agree with these products are in the wrong.
These are just my personal opinions & views.


The reason why I wanna share a post on juice cleansing is cause I realize how popular it has become & how even my mum was asking me if she should try it out…

I’ve gone through some of the websites selling/ providing juice cleanses
&here are some of the words you will most likely see:
Weight loss / shed off excess weight
Reduction in excess stubborn fats
Reduce cellulite
Higher metabolism
Feel lighter, cleaner and energized
Re-establish your relationship with food
Detox & cleanse

Cleansing your body from toxins & removing bacteria from your body sounds like a pretty good idea ehh?
So why am I not giving it a go/ jumping on the bandwagon?

I think juices are a great way for people to reach their RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) of fruits and veggies, especially those who don’t like veggies/don’t like chewing on them.
Another possible benefit of juice cleansing can be that it helps to break unhealthy eating habits.
Just like how if you consume lesser sugar/ sodium over a period of time,
Your body wouldn’t crave for it as much.
There is actually very little scientific evidence indicating that juice cleanse actually cleanses the body.
There are also no reliable sources showing that juices are healthier than eating it whole.
In fact,
Some of the fiber & antioxidants are removed during the juicing process.

I’m pretty sure the main drive for those who are thinking of giving it a go
Is to lose weight/fats.
Juice cleansing will most definitely NOT aid in weight loss
cause you will GAIN it all back.
The weight you lose is water weight.
I guess its true how you will feel less bloated
but if you wanna lose the weight permanently,
juice cleansing is def not the answer.
Remember how I talked about your body going into starvation mode when you’re not consuming enough calories?
Some articles even mentioned that
you could permanently lower your metabolism if you're at it for a period of time.

When I was approached to go on a juice cleanse,
My first question was,
“No food AT ALL? I’m pretty sure there isn’t gonna be much protein& fats in the juices.
Aren’t I gonna lose muscle mass?”
I rmb how the company replied me with how they have some fitness advocates that are actually doing the juice cleanse & the whole purpose is to detox my body.
I understand how girls are particular bout gaining muscle mass/ looking muscular/ bulky but I treasure my baby muscles (HAHAH sounds so funny).
It’s really not easy to build muscles,
I took a year to build this much muscle mass
& (trying my best not to be melodramatic here :p )
lean muscle mass starts to break down just after a few days of you consuming insufficient calories.
 *Having a lesser amount of muscle mass also means burning fewer calories overall.

Since you’re feeding your body with around half the calories you need,
Your body starts to draw power sources from triglycerides
& protein (from your muscles). 
Many shared that they feel amazing after juice cleansing.
This maybe because the body is going into ketosis (glycogen stores are used up & body starts burning fats for fuel) as it thinks you’re going into
“starvation mode”.
Ketosis does make you feel less hungry but it’s not the most sufficient source of energy and it may harm your kidneys. 

The juices are high carbohydrate load.
This will cause a surplus of water to enter the intestines.
Which means you are inclined to get diarrhea due to the extra H2O in your gut.

&&& there’s the detox/ cleansing part
which is what our body is already doing on its own.
Our livers, kidneys and intestines filters unwanted elements we consume
& get rid of them via urine, bowel movements, sweat etc.

There are some benefits like how it helps to curb cravings and meet your daily recommended intake of fruits & veggies etc.
But personally,
I don’t see the need for going on a juice cleanse.
Having a balance diet, exercising regularly & getting sufficient rest is the way to go for me! ;)

Once again,
This is just my opinion & preference
Plus some of the stuff I learnt in school (heh it’s like doing revision for me)
& from some of the research I’ve done.
I have nothing against those who are doing / did juice cleansing.
They probably have their reasons (or maybe we have diff views) if they are doing the cleanse.



{Fitness Journey}

I’ve been working out properly (with proper form, technique)
for close to 2 years now.
I did quite a fair bit of trial and error on my part
(I’m still learning & figuring out on what works best for me),
got injured
&adopted the wrong mindset to working out.
I’m sharing all these experiences with y’all today
& I hope y’all can learn from my mistakes
(or stop y’all from making these mistakes).

I shared my progress before featuring the top two pictures of the changes that took place within 4months into my fitness journey.
It received tons of comments enquiring about how I managed to do that,
what did I do to achieve such a huge weight loss in just 4months etc.
I was actually trying to bring across the message that
the scale does NOT matter at all.
It just goes to show that people are still very bothered about how much they weigh
&are constantly looking for short-cuts to weight loss.
It can turn into such an unhealthy obsession,
Checking your weight when your get up in the morning,
Weighing yourself after a meal/snack,
Stepping on the scale to see if you have gained a pound from the water you just drank,
Weighing yourself once more before you go to bed.

I’ve been through all that.
Before I started on weightlifting,
I actually went through a period whereby I kinda stopped eating
as much as I’m supposed to.  

In the top left pic where I was around 58kg,
I was once told that I have huge thighs.
I don’t know why I was so bothered about that remark
But I decided that I need smaller thighs to look better.
Being a girl who knows nothing about fitness
&being exposed to pictures of the beautiful girls on magazines &TV,
the only way I knew to go about getting slimmer thighs
 was to go on a “diet”.
The portion of my meals started decreasing,
I started eating lesser meals,
I started losing weight
&it soon became an obsession.
To check my weight constantly,
To smile in the mirror knowing that I actually weigh lighter now,
Feeling happy with the fact that my clothes are now slightly too big for me.
&of course,
my family and friends noticed the change in me.
It felt really good to hear “you look like you lost weight!”
(the things we used to do and how we would look back and
laugh at our own stupidity)
During those 2 weeks,
I lost close to 7kg & still,
There was only a slight (not exactly visible) decrease in the size of my thighs!
Girls who has been asking me bout how to lose love handles,
tummy/arms/thighs fats,
I’m sorry to burst your bubble
But it doesn’t work that way honey.
You will have to focus on your body as a whole to lose weight.
(Touched on this topic under my FAQ
so you can pop over to read more bout it if you wanna)
I realized what I was doing wasn’t right.
I should be caring for my body instead of harming it.

Eating lesser/ starving yourself will actually trick your body into thinking
You are most likely not going to feed it in the next few hours/days.
Our body will then go into “starvation/survival mode”
Whereby our metabolism rate starts to slow down
&it will try to store more fats in order to have energy for our daily activities.
This is definitely & obviously something we DO NOT want!

To look on the bright side,
I’ve also learnt that my body naturally stores more fat in the lower tummy& thighs area as compared to my upper body.

A few years later,
I tried out weightlifting. 
It was insane,
I started falling in love (yes, you read it correctly) with lifting.
I love the rush of endorphins after a killer workout,
I love being able to lift heavier than the previous month,
I love how I’m going against the norm bout how girls shouldn’t be lifting
& most of all, 
I love how whenever I'm down/ angry/ stressed about something, 
working out never fails to make me feel better.

I still remember the rush of pride when I managed to do my first ever pull-up.

(how my body looked like after working out for 4 months)

For those who wanna know how I managed to lose so much weight in the first 4months…
I started clean-eating (no fast food, soft drinks, fried/oily food).
Only home-cooked meals with minimal oil is allowed
&as for snacks,
I only eat fruits/nuts.
(I even removed milo from my diet :O)
I trained 6-7 times a week (every session’s high intensity circuit training, up to 2hrs per training)
&not only did I lose 8kg during those 4 months,
I lost my period too.
(Sorry guys, this may get a bit ‘information overload’ for you. Hahah)
I started experiencing ‘spotting’
&my period stopped completely for 4 months.
My dad asked me to see the doctor
& after the blood test etc,
I was told that I had Amenorrhea.

There are 2 types of amenorrhea:
1. Primary (complete absence of menstruation by the age of 16)
 2. Secondary (for those who have regular periods, the absence of 3 to 12 consecutive menstrual periods after menarche).

Amenorrhea is common amongst female athletes,
Especially those who are required to have
low body fat percentage due to their sport.
I rmb the doctor asking why was I working out so much
&how I felt sheepish as I didn’t even know the answer myself.
I was advised drop my exercise frequency/intensity
&increase my calorie intake.
My period came the following month
(with vengeance by giving my crazy cramps -.-).
I was actually enjoying how I was ‘period-free’
& cramps free for a few months hahah
It can be sucha hassle >:

I did some research
&realized how serious amenorrhea can be.
Here’s some of the effects of amenorrhea:
1.     Infertility
2.     It’s associated with a drop in estrogen production &increase of testosterone. This means that women are likely to develop excess facial (like we don’t have enough facial hair to worry about already…).
3.     Affects bone density. Low estrogen levels can result in a decline in bone mineral density and osteoporosis.

I know many of y’all probably think that I’m blessed with good genes,
How I can eat whatever I fancy
&not gain a single pound.
Remember I talked about me going through a fair bit of trial& error?
I experimented with dirty bulking.
I eat whatever I want, as much as I wanna.
Not sure if y’all know of the raisin cheese bun so here’s how it looks like.

*Pic taken from google.

It’s slightly bigger than the size of our palms
&I loved it so much that within 2 days,
I ate 12 (they were part of my snacks).
That week,
I gained 5kg…
This just goes to show that I don’t have good genes
&high metabolism.
For those who wanna bulk,
I would advice y’all to do clean bulking instead
But it can be quite a challenge for some,
as you will have to consume large quantity of ‘clean’ food.

During the first year of my training,
I hardly even know what I was doing.
 I didn’t know the proper form for squats,
Which resulted in me injuring my knees.
I stopped running altogether for an entire year.
I didn’t dare go ATG (why grass? Shouldn’t it be ground? Hahah jk) for squats as I would hear the sound of papers being torn in my knees.
Thankfully I started working part-time at a gym that does rehab.
I’ve learnt so much about fitness &my body there.
This is the reason why I’m really particular about form now.
But of coure,
I still don’t know enough about fitness now.
Many thanks to those who corrected me before when I don’t even know much bout fitness.
I really appreciate the feedbacks :* 
They help me to grow &become better.

I realized how important knowledge and education is which is why
I went on to take the American Council of Exercise (ACE) PT cert
&I’m also currently taking a Degree in Exercise& Sports Science.
I would definitely love to have a job in this industry & it will definitely be handy to have a Degree (or any other qualification) in this area.
I really enjoy learning all these stuff in school even though it can get a bit crazy >:
 I wonder if we are really tested based on our knowledge & ability
or our ability to cramp as many things into our head as possible.
It’s really nice to learn the scientific reasons as to why our body is the way it is,
Harmful effects of certain diets,
Scientific names for various body parts/muscles
(like how the “teardrop” is actually called the Vastus Medialis),
their origins & insertions etc.
Gotta admit I had a hard time remembering all the names & origins :O

Let’s not sidetrack.
The next phase in my fitness journey is the period whereby
I received quite a fair bit of comments saying that I’m not making any progress.

That body they are referring to is the one
on the bottom left of my progress collage.
&don’t worry,
I’m not offended at all.

It’s cause I don’t pay much attention to my diet.
Those who have been following me for some time would know that I’m not strict with my diet at all.
I eat whatever I wanna but in moderation.
For example,
I would snack on 5-6 cubes of chocolate 3x a week…
I guess I was perfectly fine with the way I was
Plus I don’t work out solely to look good.
I work out because I enjoy the challenge &being able to progress in the amount of weight that I can lift/ doing things I can’t do before like pull-ups, clap push-ups etc.
&&& well,
I LOVE food ):
I do restrict myself when it comes to fast food (maybe once a month?)
& I do not drink soft drinks at all.
I feel that they are just empty calories.
I guess unless I’m competing (which I don't plan to) or have a photo shoot coming up,
I wouldn’t be strict on my diet hahah

& that brings us to now.
Just wanna take this chance to thank y’all who has been so supportive of me.
Letting me know that I’m making progress,
Looking leaner
&telling me that what I’m sharing is actually helping y’all
(that really really keeps me going).
Nothing beats knowing that you’ve helped someone to enjoy exercising/make progress/feel better about him or herself!
You don’t know how much it actually means to me
&I’m ever so grateful for it!
Super super blessed to be able to do what I’m doing right now.

Here’s what I have been doing recently:

1.     Lifting heavier & changing up my workout routines

Your body will actually learn to adapt if you are continuously doing the same routine for a long period of time.
It’s always good to change it up once in a while to “shock” your body.
I wasn’t lifting heavy before as I injured my knees
& I started to grow very comfortable with a specific amount of weights.
(Maybe I’m just subconsciously afraid of getting injured again…)
I decided that I needa get my drive back bout wanting to lift heavy gain.
So I’m lifting heavier for my hypertrophy sets/weeks plus
adding strength & de-load weeks into my workout.
They weren’t kidding when they say that you will only see change when you step outta your comfort zone!

2.     Eating more carbs
I used to have this misconception about how carbs are bad for us.
I’m sure I’m not the only one.
Who’s guilty of this too?

Truth is,
Our body NEED carbs to function (especially our brains& nervous systems).
Carbs are our main source of energy.
They are readily stored in our muscles for energy 
&enable most of the protein you consume to be used for tissue synthesis (such as muscle building)
instead of fuel. 

I tried cutting out rice, noodles &bread for a few months.
Not only did I feel tired most of the time,
I wasn’t able to perform to my whole potential during my workout sessions.

Currently I’m increasing my carbs intake by adding/ increasing the quantity of 
waffles, bread & rice in my diet.

3.     Consuming fried food in lesser quantities
You can almost never go wrong with fried food.
They are most likely gonna taste great
(unless its one of those whereby it makes your lips super oily. *Yikes*)
& are usually the most accessible one compared to steam/grilled/baked food.
We all know how unhealthy fried food is
&of course,
its making a difference when I start consuming them in lesser quantities/frequency.

4.     Doing cardio regularly
I stopped running for almost a year
&I’m ever so glad that it’s pain-free when I run now!

People often ask me how to lose fats/weight
& its simple,
a good combination of weights, cardio & diet (opps).
There's really no short-cuts to fitness
&of course,
I'm not one who believes in fad diets.
It's all about handwork, determination & perseverance.

These are the things that seem to be working for me.
Different people respond to different type/kind of training 
so what works for me maybe not work for you
but I hope what I shared here is useful to some of y'all!