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Hello y'all!
Been pretty busy lately. 
Just finished my mid-term exams 
& is currently working on my reports + projects ):
Really hope to complete as much as possible before my school trip to Perth 
on the 25th. 

Here's another thing that I have been busy with;


Been helping my dad with his website hehe
Below are some examples of what you will see there. 
I'm not too bad at being a photographer ehh?

If you're looking for watches 
or your dad/mum/bro/sis/friend happen to be searching for a particular brand/model, 
you know where to go. 
(See what I did there? HAHAH)

Alright shall head back to my reports/assignments. 
Just wanna update y'all on what I have been busy with.
Will def try to blog more regularly!
Would love to share my experience @ Perth here!

Until next time!


{The Saladicious}

As promised, 
here's the part 2 of my experience w The Saladicious (located at B1 of Shaw Lido).
After trying out their salads for 2 weeks,
I noticed something that I really like about the store. 
Found out that they change some of the salads each day. 
It's nice that they change some of their salad choices 
cause there are new choices each day to pick from so that we wouldn't get bored w the options :p

On some days there will be brown rice w quinoa/ spaghetti/ pasta. 
These are some of my fav carbs as they are low in GI 
& helps to keep you full longer. 
A good change from eating vegetables you reckon? heh

I also like how it's really convenient to take-away my salads 
as it's always packed very nicely. 

Here's how their medium sized salads look like when you packet them:

I always mixed 2 diff salads into one for the medium salad :p
More varieties are always welcomed hahah 
They also have lots of different toppings to choose from. 
I will usually get the feta cheese/ avocado to add a lil creamy texture to my meal.

Did I mentioned that their offer wraps too?!
& their wraps are HUGE! 
hahah looks a lil like giant popiah.

Here's the smoked duck wrap :p 
(Think the ceasar wrap is good too, sometimes I have a hard time deciding between them.) 

Think it's a great change from salad 
& really convenient if you're always in a rush for time like me HAHAH

Once again if you are thinking of trying out The Saladicious' salads, 
you can enjoy a FREE topping when you flash this post to them!

You can also find out more about The Saladicious on http://thesaladicious.oddle.me // 
like their Facebook page & follow them on Instagram 
to stay updated bout their new creations/ salad ideas!




I am really apologetic for not blogging for ages >:
Been so busy lately that I hardly even have the time to get on the computer.
here's my loooong overdue post with regards to my 14 days of Zespri Challenge!
I mentioned that there are tons of ways to have your kiwis.
You can slice them into two, 
eat them like an apple with its skin,
mix them up with other fruits into a fruit salad
& even add them into your main course!
I didn't have the time to cook them/
experiment them so I opt for the fun and easy way to eat them :}

1. Make a smoothie with your kiwis

You would have probably seen the mini instavideo of me making my smoothie.
It's real simple and all you gotta do is add your favorite ingredients in!
I even added my Strawberry Soy Protein from fitlion.com so that there's protein in it too.

2. Add them to your salad

This is just a regular salad with eggs, veggie and chicken.
I added the kiwis in and was really surprise as it turned out really good!

3. Kiwi Pancakes

This was done on one of those days whereby I have some extra time on my hand. 
It's always nice to add sweet stuff to your pancakes 
&what's better than having natural sugar?

As y'all can see,
what I have done all are real simple, easy and fast to do!
They weren't kidding bout how kiwis aids in digestion!
Brought a box for my friends to try them out 
& some said that the effect was almost immediate!
hope I'm not information overloading ya!

Here's some of the other benefits of kiwis:

Are you convinced to add kiwis into your diet now?
I sure hope so!

I would like to thank y'all for all the support that was given to me 
especially on Instagram!

I won the challenge!
Alongside with two other bloggers who are crowned the Little Miss Fun for Creativity
&Little Miss Sunshine for Blogging.
Funny how I'm Little Miss Socialite
cause I'm far from being a social butterfly.
I'm by far the most awkward person on Earth
so do pardon me if I'm awkward..
I'm working on it yes!
this was only possible due to your support on my social media
(Especially Instagram !!! )
A huge thank you once again
& have an amazing week ahead with kiwis in your daily meals!


Many of y'all would have read bout how I am embarking on a 14 days challenge with ZespriKiwi!
So it has already by a week (TIME FLIES!)
through the challenge
& I am loving the kiwis more each day!
If you follow me on Instagram ( @sugarrandspice ),
you would have seen what are the three amazing ways to have these lovely green friends!

1. Slicing them into half and just eat them the lazy way!
*** The kiwi skin's edible!

2. Peeling off the kiwi skin & slice them up!

3. Add them into your dishes & cook them!

I admit that I have not been very creative with the challenge so far D:
My schedule has been so hectic lately that 
all I wanna do when I get home is to throw myself onto the bed 
&I will usually have my kiwis just the way they are cause 
I'm so lazy. 
Promise to have more funky ideas in the upcoming week!

For now, 
hop over to ZespriKiwi to find out more bout 
these amazing brown friends!