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{Eating in moderation&Tips for eating out}

Hope I didn't keep y'all waiting for too long for this post!
Been busy with school (project submissions and exams) lately. 
Will be sharing bout what's my diet like.
how I eat in moderation
&some tips to making healthier choices. 

So what exactly is eating in "moderation"?
To me, 
It's about the quantity & frequency at which you eat certain kind of foods.
Here are some examples on how I eat certain things in moderation:

1. Fast Food

Lucky for me, 
Fast food is something that I can do without. 
One of the reasons why fast food can be "addictive" 
is cause they are high sodium content. 
You will find that you wouldn't have cravings for it/ 
wanna eat fast food if you don't eat them for a certain amount of time. 
I don't really eat fast food often
& most probably eat in once/twice in 3months. 

2. Desserts

Wouldn't deny that I have a sweet tooth. 
I love cakes, chocolates & ice cream. 
Remember how the quantity & frequency is important?
I don't restrict myself from eating them but I do watch the amount 
&frequency of which I'm consuming them.
Best tip for desserts?
Share them! hahah Sharing of calories = double the happiness :p
This means that I usually share a slice of cake/ice cream/chocolates with someone.
I don't polish off the entire thing on my own. 
I also don't eat them on a daily basis.
Probably thrice a week heh

Another example would be to eat only 1/3 or 1/2 the chocolate bar or
 one or 1/2 a scoop of ice cream.

3. Fried Food

We all know that fried food is unhealthy
& most probably yummy too. 
I do love my share of fried food 
but it's def not just unhealthy,
it's also really bad for the skin. 
I allow myself to eat deep fried food once a week heh

4. Bubble Tea

Not too sure bout the European countries but bubble tea is super popular here. 
I looooove Ovaltine from Koi&
Winter melon milk tea from Share Tea.
Even though I have a sweet tooth,
I'm really not a fan of super sweet things. 
Feels very "overloaded" if you know what I mean. 
My trick to drinking bubble tea is to drink them with 0% sugar.
They are sweet enough without the added sugar guys... hahah
I drink max 3 cups of bubble tea/week. 

That being said,
Here are some of the tips for when you're eating out/ making healthier choices
&more on what my diet's like:

1. Ask for your salad sauce to be "on the side"

Salad dressing can be really unhealthy and high in calories. 
An example would be the thousand island sauce. 
Ask for your salad dressing to be on the side instead of having them pour in the sauce for you. 
That way, 
you can moderate the amount of dressing you are consuming.
You may realise that you actually don't need that much in your salad. 

2. Snacking on healthier options

I'm literally forever hungry
I basically eat every hour (with 3 large meals included) hahah
I guess the harder you workout 
&more muscle mass you have, 
the higher your metabolism will be.
I always have to have food in my bag
cause it can get pretty hard to look for healthy snacks when you're out.
It's esp hard when I needa snack healthy when I'm cutting/
preparing for upcoming shoots.

Here are some of my all-time fav snacks when I'm cutting/ prepping for shoots:

Nuts (almonds/walnuts),
Muscle Pham combat crunch bar,
Fruits w oats & plain greek yoghurt,

Coconut water, 

&P28 Peanut Butter.

I grow up in a family that loves fruits. 
You will always be able to find fruits at my place. 
It's def my go-to for snacks. 
What's not to love bout fruits?
They are natural & sweeeeet :))
Have y'all tried Zespri's Red kiwi before?

***My diet for when I'm cutting is pretty simple. 
I cut out fried food, junk food & bubble tea for 2-3weeks before the shoot. 
I also try to limit myself from consuming too many fruits
as they are high in simple sugar. 
haha I don't count marcos even when I'm cutting.

Here are some of my fav bars that I snack on when I'm not cutting:

Be careful when you're purchasing bars cause they may be high in sugar!

3. Order dishes that are pan-fried/baked

You can almost never go wrong w pan-fried/baked salmon.
(Unless you hate salmon :/)

4. Whole grain bread over white bread

If there's one thing I love more than my desserts, 
it would be bread hahah
I can never resist the smell of freshly baked bread D:
Admit that most my carb intake comes from bread haha
I don't eat white bread cause they may have been bleached to attain the colour,
artificial flavoring are added to make they taste better
& are stripped off all the good nutrients and fibre. 

5. Going for low-fat/soy milk instead of full-cream

I guess this is pretty self-explanatory heh

6. Chicken Rice 

No doubt that chicken rice tastes really good
& it's also part of our cuisine here in Singapore.
My tip to eating chicken rice is asking the meat to be chicken breast, no skin.
Still taste equally as good ok! HAHAHA 

7. Staying hydrated with PLAIN WATER

Instead of trying to quench your thirst with sugary drinks,
drink water instead!
Always stay hydrated!

Oh, forgot to add this in my previous post bout things that I don't eat;

Fruit Tarts
They are glazed with a layer of sugar
& is something that I can do without hahah

I don't restrict myself from eating anything/
go on a diet/
eat clean not only cause I don't see the need for it
but also cause I know I will binge eat after.
Who has this problem too?
So there you have it!
Hope what I shared here is helpful for some of y'all!


P.S. for those who are looking for P28, protein bars or any kinda sups;
do check out http://www.nutrifirst.net !
Don't forget to use my discount code: BAGPXNF


{Things I don't EVER eat/drink}

Been getting quite a fair bit of enquiries as to what my diet’s like.
Will be sharing with you some of the tips that I have when it comes to my diet in this post J
I don’t count macros/ calories nor do I eat clean 24/7,
as I simply don’t see the need for me to do that.
I don’t compete (& not planning to)
so I don’t really see the point in me needing to be so particular about diet.
That being said,
It doesn’t mean that I eat junk excessively either.
Moderation is very important to me when it comes to my diet.
So what exactly does moderation means?

Before I go more in-depth bout that,
Here are some of the things that I DON’T (ever) eat/drink:

1.     Soft Drinks
The reason why I don’t drink soft drinks is cause it feels like empty calories to me.
There are no nutrients in it whatsoever and each can of soda can easily amount 
to 10 tablespoons of sugar.
That’s besides the fact that it may result in various health issues such as obesity, osteoporosis and cancer if it’s being consumed excessively.

2. Syrup Drinks
Drinks like Bandung is a big no-no for me.
Not only does it contains high amount of sugar,
there's also quite a fair bit of fats due to the condensed milk that goes into the drink.
Even the mango/apple/ any fruity drinks you see in the restaurant menus
have tons of sugar in them.
They will usually use/add in the syrup to make the drink.
*Disclaimer: not saying that all stores are like that.*

I also don't buy fruit juices as most of the fruit juice stores
add tons of sugar water into the juice (with min. amt of fruits).
Some even add condensed milk into milkshakes like avocado milkshakes.
Will usually make my own fruit juice at home instead heh

3.     Fatty parts of various meat

I will always opt for lean meat.
If the meat happens to have fats with it,
I will make sure to remove the fatty area.

4. Whipped Cream
This is something that I don't personally fancy.
Lucky for me cause it contains saturated fats and trans fats.

5. Funky things like organs/intestines/pig trotters
Besides being a fussy eater (:/) ,
I'm also not very adventurers when it comes to food.
I don't like the idea of eating these dishes
& they are mostly very high in cholesterol & fat content (esp pig trotters).

Mentioned that moderation is very important to me
when it comes to food.
Will be sharing with y'all a post on tips for eating out
& "moderation" is like in my diet.



{Eyelash Extension w Milly's}

Been wearing eyelash extensions by Milly's for almost half a year now
(I go back every 5weeks or so to change them)
& I'm really starting to get the hang of it heh
Was a bit unsure bout it at first as I heard bout the real lashes dropping when you wear fake eyelashes
&how it may be troublesome when it comes to washing my face. 
It's safe to say that the lashes (both the fake & real ones) are not prone to drop easily 
unless you have the habit of rubbing your eyes. 
I'm also using the cluster lashes (not the single strand ones)
which I feel lasts longer even though they don't look as natural as the single strand lashes. 
Cant express how convenient it is for me now that I have these lashes on as 
getting ready is so easy. 
I don't have to worry bout putting on eyeliner& fake lashes/ mascara 
when I'm attending events or going out.
It's extra helpful to have them on when I go for workout events!
Don't needa worry bout whether my eyeliner/mascara is smudging 
cause of the sweat that's dripping down 
& how I still needa look professional & neat for the cameras after. 

Took some pictures of my eyes when they removed the extensions.
Happy to share that most of my real lashes are still intact.
(think this may be subjective, depending on your skin type etc.)

Another thing that I love bout the lash extensions is that it actually helps to make 
my double eyelids more prominent! 
I have uneven tapered eyelids.
My right eyelid's slightly higher than my left eye's.

Left Eye

Right Eye

Here's how they look like when I have lash extensions on: 

The difference is quite obvious 
& the extensions def make my tiny eyes look bigger.
I heard that the more prominent double eyelid thing is pretty subjective too. 
Some experienced it & some didn't. 
Think it depends on how heavy your eyelids are :/
 I actually went swimming with them on once!
I was learning how to swim...
I came outta the pool with all my lashes still intact.
The only problem I had was cause these are cluster lashes,
they can actually "hold/carry" some of the water.
Overall really satisfied with the lashes heh. 

For those who are thinking of giving the lashes a go,
Milly's is having a promo right now!

Latest Korea Technology Miracle Mink Eyelash Extension 
Cluster Lash @ $58 (Normal Price: $85)
Single Lash Type (Unlimited Lash) @ $68 (Normal Price: $100

*Only Valid at Bugis Cube and Bugis Street Outlet.

BugisStreet L2 -- 63384137 
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SMS / Whatsapp: 83835395

* Strictly by Appointment only *

If these outlets are inconvenient for ya,
you can pop by their other outlets
& quote my name "Georgina Poh" to get a discount!



{E-Interviews x Georgina}

Hi y'all!
Been really busy recently with my mid-term exams, project submissions & various other obligations
so here's some of the recent E-Interviews that I did:



Will try to update real soon(hopefully next week)!