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{SamSung Galaxy S5}

&&& I'm back to share more about the lovely S5!
Besides the features that I mentioned in the pervious post, 
I also love how the S5 has the ability to bring phone privacy to a whole new level!

(i) Fingerprint Security

It allows you to register up to 4 different fingerprints
&I'm really surprised with how I was never prompt to re-scan my fingerprint!
It never fails to recognise my fingerprint on the first scan.

(ii) Private Mode

Using two fingers to drag down from the top of the screen, 
you will be able to find short-cuts to these functions. 
The Private Mode helps the user to secure the varies selected personal content 
and keeps it hidden on the device. 
The Private Mode can be activated on
- Gallery
- Video
- Music
- Voice Recorder
- My files 
hahaha pretty awesome huh?
Especially if you have tons of deep dark secrets :]

Alongside with the other camera features that I mentioned earlier, 
SamSung Galaxy S5 has an amazing feature that solves a huge problem that many of us are facing when it comes to taking pictures in the dark/ at night when we are out w our friends. 

Real Time HDR feature:
This feature enables the GALAXY S5 LTE to reproduce natural light 
&colour with striking intensity in any circumstances.

let's bring our attention to my favourite part of the phone...
The various fitness features that it possesses. 
My favourite app in the S5 is easily the S Health.

The S Health allows you to keep a record of your fitness journey. 
Such as the no. of calories burnt from your cardio workout, 
no. of calories consumed (food diary)
&keeping track of your heart rate. 

Did you know that you can measure your heart rate 
just by placing your finger on the sensor at the back of your phone?

Some of the features that S health has to offer.

Here's the various exercises that you can record in your Galaxy S5!

&a sample of how the food diary looks like.

You may be wondering how does the food diary works. 

1. Your phone has to be connected to the internet 
2. Key in what you had eaten in the search bar
3. Related examples will appear and you can adjust your portion accordingly
(They even have tons of local delights stored! For example, chinese chicken rice!)

For those who are unsure as to how to start your fitness journey, 
there's also an extra feature that provides you step by step guides to work towards your goal!
"Coach by Cigna" has up 100 diff exercises available!

&&& to make things even easier for us,
there's the SamSung Gear 2!
The Gear 2 complements the GALAXY S5 LTE to help me improve my fitness holistically 
by tracking physical activities through various exercise modes 
(walking, running and cycling).

You can customise almost anything and everything of your Gear 2 with your Galaxy S5!
Not only that,
you can also change the strip of your Gear 2 to a normal watch strip.

If you don't fancy any of the default wallpapers, 
you can also change it to your own photo or a face of your favourite watch :]

Wanna know what it feels like to workout with the Gear 2?

When you tap on the "Exercise" icon, 
these 4 different cardio exercises will appear. 

Select the type of cardio that you will be doing 
& the Gear2 will proceed to measuring your heart rate.

It will then calculate the distance and calories that you are clocking
&at the same time, 
displaying your heart rate.
&&& the best part?
EVERYTHING will be automatically synced to your Galaxy S5!

For those who perspire a lot when you're working out, just like me >: ,
you will not have to worry bout spoiling your S5 or your Gear 2 
cause of the IP67 Rating!
So what exactly is the IP67 Rating?
Recognising the demands of a dynamic lifestyle, 
the GALAXY S5 LTE was engineered 
to take on life without compromising the experience. 
The GALAXY S5 LTE has qualified protection from water and dust (IP673), 
so you never have to leave the device at home during a long day at the beach 
or a dusty hike. 
When used with approved Samsung back covers 
&with the multipurpose jack closed tightly, 
the rubber-sealed design helps to keep dust particles out 
&protect against harmful ingress of water 
for up to 30 minutes of submergence at a depth of one metre3. 
Equipped with a water resistant earphone jack, 
the GALAXY S5 LTE frees you to use earphones 
above water when the phone is wet or in water3!

As you can see, 
Galaxy S5 really made exercising so much more convenient and fun!


{SamSung S5}

Hey guys J
Super thrilled to be sharing with y’all my SamSung S5 today!

Been real busy with school due to the overwhelming amount of assignments, projects and exams but here’s some of the stuff that I’ve been using more regularly on my S5 & of course, they are also some of my favorite features.

1. The Ultra Power Saving Mode

Did you know that the S5 has this ultra power saving mode that can enable your phone to last up to 28hrs with just 10% of battery?
Turning on this mode will also allow you to experience how our phone used to be like where everything on the screen is black and white!

 Do note that by default, only 3 functions would work in this mode – Phone, Message and Internet. However, users can choose to add on three more apps to work in this mode, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.
2. The Camera’s Photo Taking Ability

I gotta admit that I’m a major foodie and I love taking pictures of my food.
The S5’s camera is ultra clear and
it has tons of features that a professional camera has!
My fav’s the blur out ability whereby you can choose to either blur out the object closer to the camera or further away.

There is also the Real Time HDR feature, enabling the GALAXY S5 LTE to reproduce natural light and colour with striking intensity in any circumstances.

Not only that,
It also has really nice filters that you will usually needa download a photo editing app for!

heheh really adore the vintage feel along side with the tea cup!

3. You can receive tons of rewards on your GALAXY S5 LTE

GALAXY Gifts allows you to browse through a variety of content worth over US$ 500, download them and use it to motivate yourself to reach your fitness goals. There is also GALAXY Life where you can redeem gift vouchers, coupons and discounts from tons of stores and restaurants! GALAXY Life is also available on other GALAXY devices.

4. Galaxy Life

Samsung GALAXY Life is a Samsung loyalty mobile application that offers curated and exclusive content. GALAXY Life will offer Samsung consumers entry and access to a community that is customised by categories, content and privileges. Content will be provided by topic “experts” across Entertainment, Food, Fashion and Sports topics.

5. Gear 2

Simply love how SamSung integrated fitness into their products.
I really enjoy having the Gear 2 with me cause its super light
& has a huge array of fitness related functions.
One of the functions that I really enjoy having in the Pedometer!

It is about to calculate number of steps you have taken, total distance and total amount of calories burnt.
The Gear 2 complements the GALAXY S5 LTE to help me improve my fitness holistically by tracking physical activities through various exercise modes (walking, running and cycling).
you must be wondering if it’s accurate.
It actually has the ability to do pulse reading
&you will need to key in your various particulars such as weight, height, date of birth etc!

I took it out for a spin while I was making my way to the sushi store for dinner J

The SamSung S5 is pretty cool
&if you are wondering if there’s any promo available if you were to purchase one,
you’re in for a treat!

Here’s the promotions that are currently avalible:

1.     FREE Wireless Charging Kit worth $108 for purchase of GALAXY S5 LTE in 16GB or 32GB from Operators, CE/IT stores and Samsung Experience Stores.
2.     Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 16GB from Operators and receive additional FREE 16GB microSD card worth $26.
3.     Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 32GB from Samsung Experience Stores and receive additional FREE Accessory Pack (HDTV Adapter and Extra Battery Kit) worth $126 and  $20 Sync Bistro Voucher
For those who are thinking of making a switch from iPhone to Samsung
&Worrying that it will be a hassle to transfer your documents and contacts,
fret not!
To facilitate a seamless transfer of your contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendar and more to your Samsung GALAXY device, you may wish to consider using the Samsung Smart Switch, which can do so in a few quick and easy steps.

You may find more information on the Smart Switch on the Smart Switch microsite, where you can also download the desktop program.

Stay tuned for my next post to found out more about their fitness-related features! J