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{Egg Muffin Recipe x Fitness Tip}

Yummy&Healthy Egg Muffins Recipe

Serving Size :6-8 Muffin cups

4 eggs & 2 egg whites 
Half a carrot (sliced up)
Mushrooms & Spinach (qty depending on how much you like them)
Cheese (Look for Fat-free options)
Plus your choice of meat (For example; Tuna, Bacon, Pepperoni etc.)

Pre-heat oven for 8-10 mins at 160 Degrees.
Beat the egg yolk and egg whites in a bowl& divide them equally into muffin cakes.
Top them with the other ingredients.
Pop them into the oven for about 15 mins, make sure to check on them to see if the eggs are getting cooked.
After which, take them out and let them cool for around 5 mins
&TADAHH, your yummy treat is now ready to be eaten :>


On a side note, 
I have been receiving questions and mails as how I can indulge so much and still not "get fat".
I do not exactly calorie count 
but I always try to have the majority of my carbs intake in the day and lesser in the night. 
Besides that, I don't consume soft drinks 
(which are high in sugar &will then make you crave for even more sugary products)
& I rarely consume fast food
(usually only once 3-4 months cause I don't really like them anyways).
&of course, with the fact that I workout too so if you workout, you can definitely afford to eat more
so as to feed your body with the right amount of nutrients for it to recover and build new muscles.
Anyways, I came across this photo on Tumblr 
& I think its pretty good in giving y'all a rough gauge as to how your food portions should look like.
Until next time;