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{Nike She Runs 5k}

Many of y'all would have found out bout Nike's lovely invite to me to be a part of their
Fiercely Feminine Crew
& the Nike She Runs 5k on 11th May
So, I'm taking this chance to share with ya my journey all the way till the Race Day.

It started with collection of my entire bag of lovely Nike Apparels and my Training plan that has been customized for me.
Here's what was included in my pretty red Nike bag:
 Green polka dot sports bra
Blue Top (Latest Summer Collection)
A pair of black tights and blue shorts
2 pairs of Nike socks
Nike FreeRun 5.0

I have gotta add that the top was super thin and comfy which is perfect for the crazy hot weather in Sg!
It has 'air pocket' which allows more air to enter freely
and the material doesn't even stick to your skin!
& I don't even know how to explain my love for Nike FreeRun!
Apart from being comfy,
it feels like its part of my feet and it has just the right amount of cushioning and stability!
Plus, its real flexible as shown in the photo above.
You just gotta try it to know what I mean. *HEHEHE*

&Here's the very first Be Fiercely Feminine (BFF) crew's meet-up 
together with the other Nike She Runs 5k's participants.

Me all decked out in Nike's gorgeous apparels for the Nike Training and Trial run at Siloso beach. 

The BFF Crew;
Mavis from Cosmopolitan Singapore
& Sheryl, a fellow fitness advocate.

Just look at the turn-out for the event! :O

The second meet-up was at Orchard Central for a very fun night of styling with the Nike's Stylists.
I am excited to see that Nike has actually incorporated
a wide range of colours in their Summer's Collection.
The stylists went through the various functions of different apparel
and I am just blown away by how they managed to combined style & functionality together.

The BFF Crew was then asked to pick whichever piece that they fancy 
&try them out. 
Here's what I picked! The style for gymwear :) 
( trying to be fiercely feminine at the same time *HAHA* )

We also got our faces and arms painted
&I was given tiger prints :>


&we ended the second meet-up in style by heading for a 3km run in Orchard! 

P.S. I really really hope that my knees will recover just in time for the run D:
No way am I gonna give up so if they are hurting on Race Day,
I will brisk walk the life outta the 5km! 
Nothing's gonna stop me in completing the race.

 photo determined_zpsd53823d5.gif