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{Protein shakes x Supplements}

Here's the questions that some of y'all posted on my Instagram 
(questions in bold) 

“What protein shake do you recommend for muscle restoration / repair? That improves your performance while working out? I see a lot of them & don’t know which one to choose. What composition do you look for in the shake?”
Platinum Hydro Builder (mentioned in the video) , I recommend this product mainly for its convenience. One serving of Platinum Hydro Builder contains 30g of protein in comparison to other protein shakes out there which usually contain 18-26g of protein. It also contains 5g of Creatine(I will cover a posts about Creatine in the future) which is essential for our body to break down for muscle endurance and maybe recovery. It also has 13.5g of BCAAs( Branched-Chained-Amino-Acids) that aid in recovery from muscle soreness, again this is in comparison to other protein products that usually have only 5-6.5g of BCAAs. In conclusion, you can get these product, or buy them separately when you are making your supplement purchase.

“Just want to check with you if you know any brands of protein shake that are suitable for lactose intolerant people? Because I guess its made from milk.”
Yes, most protein powders are made from milk. If you’re lactose intolerant, you can look for brands that label themselves safe for those who are lactose intolerant like yourself. If all else fails, stick to Soy protein like the one that I’m consuming now. Or, if you want to be adventurous, there is a new breed of protein made from beef. xD

“Will protein shake make you gain mass? I know there are shakes that help you gain muscle, mass, or both. Heard from some of my friends that the protein shake made them gain muscles as well as mass. Is there any way we can gain muscles without gaining mass? :(“
“Hi babe I want to be fit but I don't want my muscle to be very obvious and is it possible with drinking protein shake?”
It’s a misconception that drinking protein shake help you gain muscle. Muscle is torn at the gym from an intense workout *MUAHAHAH*. Protein just aids in recovery, building and retaining of muscles. Without working out, there will be no muscle gains seen at all. On the topic of mass gainers, there are usually 2 types. A high protein mass gainer and a high calorie mass gainer. A high protein mass gainer is usually more expensive as it contains more protein and helps hard-gainers reach their daily required protein intake, High calorie mass gainers are those that contain an insane amount of carbohydrates, mostly from sugars so that a hard-gainer can get in as much calories as possible to gain weight. If your goal in mind is to gain muscles without accumulating a bit of fat, then you can give up now. The both do not really go hand in hand. One goal before the other. :)

“Hi babe, regarding protein shakes, won't it help you hold muscle mass? Cause my aim is to lose my muscles and get more leaner.I’m already chubby to begin with if I were to build muscle mass!"
Lose fats not muscle! *NOOO!* A body that possesses a considerably amount of muscle while maintaining a lower body fat percentage is what gives someone that lean mean muscle machine look! So don’t worry about gaining muscles cause that’s the best thing ever! :)

“Does protein shakes cause heartiness in the body?”
It hasn’t for me so far. I make sure to drink tonnes of water daily and my workouts increase my water intake even more. So no it doesn’t, just make sure to increase your water intake, after-all it should be the liquid we consume most every day.

“I want to be somewhat like you. Because of my tummy, flabby arms and my fatty tights are soooooooooo ugly :( what actions can be done? :( Do i need to take protein shake to maintain? :( help please! And also does it affect the monthly cycle? O.O”
Start exercising consistently now! :D What you exercise you might say? Well... anything! Just find one that you enjoy and consistently increase the intensity. Every little step is a step towards success. Proteins are not compulsory; just make sure to have a balanced diet. And lastly, no they will not affect your monthly cycle if you consume protein shakes.

“Is it good for under 18?! Like a beginner?”
It’s just protein, you can consume it at any age. But do not go overboard with the intake. Make sure that about 50-65% of your daily protein intake still comes from whole foods as those provide other nutrients that protein powders do not possess.

“Won’t there be side effects in the future after consuming them? :o ”
"Yeah, but it's more damaging than helping. Most body builders are dehydrated without knowing it because of all the processed protein they've taken. I would suggest having it only once in awhile :)"
 photo ellentumblr_inline_mhvh67i8XP1qz4rgp_zpsa88ed803.gif
Most bodybuilders are dehydrated because are preparing for a show that requires them to drop their water weight to as little as possible to achieve that grainy and dry look that shows off all their individual muscles and veins unlike an average person that drink water consistently and does make us look slightly bloated. For example if a bodybuilder is doing a show on Sunday, they will drink tons of water from Monday to Friday, so that the body will not retain water as it is programmed to know that the individual is taking in a lot of water. On Saturday about 12pm. The bodybuilder will start to only sip water until their show on Sunday morning, by then they will be drained of all water and look their driest, this is probably not the best thing to do or an average person, but for them, it provides them and their audience with the best show possible. Also, for anyone who works out consistently and intense as hell as me, I drink almost 1.5l to 2l of water every gym session, that not included of water I consume outside of the gym session, this flushes out the system and Keeps me hydrated. I won't have kidney or liver problems. That is a common misconception that has no solid evidence or proof. Most family doctors that say we should refrain from too much protein powder are usually just afraid that something might happen to their patient and they Go back suing them. If protein powders are really that bad, 90% of people that workout will all be going for dialysis. On a side note, if you take protein supplement, try to only take 30-40% of your daily protein from supplements, as it is still true that powders lack water content. So take it with more water alright? :)

“Hi, how often should we consume protein shake? :p “
A good guideline is to consume 50-65% of your protein intake from whole foods like chicken, other meats or other protein sources as they provide nutrients not found in protein powders.

“Any for men that want to lose weight drastically and be lean?”
Losing weight drastically usually comes from unhealthy and potentially deadly methods. Think about your weight losing program as a long term process. Nothing great comes easy. With regards to protein shakes, most of them already possess a low amount of carbohydrates and fat. So make sure your diet is on point and you should be fine :D

Hope you find what I shared useful and of course, many credits to Josh ( @limshiyuann on Instagram ) for his insightful knowledge *LOL*
Thank you warriors for reading!
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