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{ Workout for Core }

Are you ready to make your core ache with these exercises?

V-ups are my most hated core workout ever 
as its really tiring and it totally hits the right places.
Start by trying out 2-3 sets first with 8 reps 
and slowly progress to 10 reps for each sets. 
(1-2 minutes break in between sets)
Hope you are starting to feel the ache already!

Next, lay on your back and prepare to move towards the 'Bridge' position.
Give yourself a 2-3 minutes rest from the previous workout 
& start on your 'Bridges' with your hands at the side, 
lifting your hips up with your core.
Try this out for 3 sets x 10 reps.
(Pause for 1-2 minutes break in between sets.)

End off your core workout with the Russian Twist.
For beginners;
leave both feet on the ground with no weights in hand 
& twist from right to left and back.
For intermediate
lift your feet up above the ground while doing your twists.

For advanced;
add weights to you twist while lifting your feet off the ground.
Pick the level that you are comfortable with 
&try out 3 sets x 10reps.

Hope you like my very first workout post
&that your core is feeling the burn when you are done!