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{Beautiful Hair Starts from the Roots with Sunsilk}

Sunsilk's very first Pop-Up Store in all of South-East Asia
at Cineleisure Orchard!

Brought my fatty along!

 Me camwhoring with the adorable pink mini-runway
for us to showcase the 5 minutes hair makeover 
that we will be given in the Pop-Up Salon.

Of course what's an event without yummy good-looking food?

Was given this folder before entering the store
&a little handbook on how we can protect/take care of our hair.

Together with this handout to pick which hairstyle we would like to have!
*I asked Fatty to pick 2. LOLOLOL*

The female lead hairstylist of the day
& the brand manager of Sunsilk and Toni&Guy
talking to us about what can be done to fix our hair problems!
Did you know that if you have dry/damage hair,
you can actually use the conditioner first then the shampoo?
It will actually make it smoother&strengthens it at the same time!

Izzie, the guy behind it all~

&it's time to get my hair fixed.
Try guessing which hairstyle I picked!

The boy sitting next to me to get his hair styled for
40 seconds cause there's nothing to style it into in the first place.

So excited to see how it will turn out
&here's my pink camera that the boy got me!

I can instantly feel the difference in the glow and texture of my hair 
after the serum has been applied!

My hair all curled;
Love the shine!

Me waiting (impatiently) for the stylist to do the finishing touches :p

& Voila~
My hair is all done,

Group photo with the other lovely bloggers at the event.

&I was also given a huge bag of Sunsilk products to take home!
Me is a happy girl!
Really had a great time at the event,
thank you for having me!