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{Eat Your Way To Fitness}

{Me getting ready to dig into the carrot cake that Steph baked!}

I understand how some of us have binges 
(I confess that I am a mega eater with a mega sweet tooth&I simply just can't control myself at times)
&some choose to skip meals after to make up for it. 
Or some of y'all may even lose the motivation to keep up with fitness after.
little did you know that skipping your meals is actually a huge NONO.
you may look slimmer for a bit & stuff
but when your skip meals, 
your metabolism slows down and you are not burning calories like you are should.
Your body will start to think that you are going into a starvation mode
&when you start eating again,
your body stores away more food than usual 
which will also result in MORE "FAT"!
Not only that,
how many thinks that since you skipped a meal,
you are able to eat slightly more now?
That will also result in eating more than usual
which will also be stored by your body as it is afraid that you will go into starvation mode later on.

One really important thing is to learn not to beat yourself out over the 'cheat meal' 
that you just had.
If you have been exercising, 
you would had earned it. 
Enjoy your yummy bowl of ice cream/ slice of cake.
Exercising with weights and and good amount of cardio will tear your muscle fibers, 
induce muscle growth ONLY if you eat that nutritious meal that you are supposed to eat! 
Food comes hand in hand with exercising 
&let's your body know it has others tasks to deal with beside storing fat. 
Such tasks include muscle recovery and muscle growth, 
and when you have that increase in muscle mass, 
it increases your metabolism so in the near future 
you burn even more fat everyday even when your body is at rest! 
ANDDDD muscle make you look toner, 
not "bulky" like most of you have been telling me you do not want to look like. 
this does not mean that you go and overload on junk food!
I always mention bout how all things you eat,


Another question that I have been receiving quite a lot lately is about
whether I go by the many small meals a day routine.
Nope, I don't.
I simply eat whenever I know I'm hungry. 
The increase in metabolism from eating many small meals 
is so little that the impact on our fitness journey 
would be so slow that you will become demoralized in no time. 
Consistently exercising is enough to attain those result you have been wanting for so long
&so much more faster at that. 
Another reason why I do not eat 6 meals a day is because of my busy schedule.