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{Fitlion SpinOff}

Headed down for Fitlion's very first SpinOff event at their warehouse!
The bundle that they were selling was sucha great deal
&there was even a SpinOff for each bundle purchased!
Some even managed to win another packet of protein!
How insane is that?

It was actually my first time at the warehouse 
&this just looks like heaven!

haha I just gotta have a shot with the legendary Grenade! 
Sucha badass packaging huh?

Happy me with my very own Fitlion bottle!

Was caught cam-whoring with the Lion's camera, 
&tried out their Steel Bar (Peanut Butter) which contains 20g of protein!

P.S. I have been receiving some of the mails with regards to my supplements from
Here's what I am taking;
BCAA which aids in recovery 
Platinum-pre for the pre-workout pump
Platinum-hydrobuilder which aids in muscle building & recovery
Soy-protein which suitable for lactose intolerant & both males and females.