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{Nike She Runs 5k; Race Pack Collection Day}

Me all geared in Nike sports wear for the Race Pack Collection Event! 
I gotta add that the sports bra was really comfortable 
&it doesn't even makes you feel like your boobs are getting squashed! 
I'm sure many of y'all will understand what I mean *hoho*

Plus the tights really amazed me as the material used was so thin 
&it kinda feels like its part of your skin.
I was a bit hesitant at first, thinking that it would really stuffy but boy,
Not only that, 
it doesn't even restrict you to any movement unlike some other tights
cause of its flexible material.

Here's the back of the tights, 
it even has a mini pocket for you to keep your keys/ loose changes!
Nike pieces never fails to make you look stylist huh?

Here's some of the decos and apparels that were at the Race Pack Collection Event!
Besides just collecting the Race Pack, 
there were also games and Nike prices to be won!

Do you think you would have been able to pick up a pair of Nike FreeRun?

& we can even customize our Nike top :>
How do you like my customized version?

This gorgeous pink Nike bottle was also given to us in the Race Pack!

Well, it wasn't all fun& play 
as the participants get down and dirty for some kickass workout!

Started the workout with a some warm-ups :)
& here's some of the exercises that we did.


Push-ups and lifting of our hand to the side,

One legged Deadlifts,

Bicycle Crunches

&more stretches to end the workout.

haha you know what they say,
if you still look cute after a workout 
then you didn't workout hard enough!

Lastly, thank you FATTY , my beautiful cameraman 
whom I forced to hold my pink camera!

Until next time,