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{Nike She Runs,Race Day}

 All set for Nike She Runs 5k with this adorable VIP Pass in Pink!

Some of the booths that Nike had for the event to make the experience an even more memorable one!
Who can turn down massage & hot-dogs?! 

Mavis& I getting ready to make our way towards the Start Point,
just looking the amazing scenery that is gonna accompany us throughout the run!

So here it is,
The Start Point& everyone was all pumped up already!

If you haven't seen my Instagram,
I actually RAN!
Yes yes, 
I know that I am supposed to be resting till my knees aren't hurting anymore 
but having so many people with me, 
pushing themselves to complete the run, 
it was just too tempting.
I just gotta 
It was my first time ever taking part in marathons 
& it had been such an eye opener for me. 
The adrenaline you feel from pushing yourself harder,
&being in total synchronization with the other runners,
doing what we love together,
it was sucha great experience!
Guess it was a blessing in disguise when I realized I forgot to bring my earpiece
cause then I'd never be able to listen to the sound of the runners' footsteps,
the people at the sideline cheering us on,
the live-band that was playing
&basically just the surrounding sounds.
Runs never fail to clear my thoughts
& I ended it with sucha a great sense of accomplishment
that I think I may be hooked to it!

Our Finisher Tee!
So rewarding to collect it!

The BFF Crew all sweaty & 'glossy' after our kick-ass run!

Then it is FOOD-TIME at the VIP lounge
with these guys "guarding" the entrance!

My beautiful cameraman.
(Love using the word 'beautiful' to describe him cause it annoys him so much!)

 Some of the treats that were available for us at the lounge!
What's a little cheat-meal after sucha good run?

Just wanna end off this post with a HUGE thank you to Nike& Fulford for having me.
It has been sucha great experience
&all the concern/understanding that was given to me cause I'm not exactly 'fit' to run.
How y'all are consistently checking with me my progress
&reminding me not to run when I am still feeling pain
really means a lot!
♥Especially from Munirah &Izzie♥

all of y'all that I met at the run! 
Even though we met only for just a few minutes,
it was really my deepest pleasure
&made my day to know that there are so many of y'all supporting me.
Whenever I feel like giving up,
I will just remind myself that y'all are there egging me on!
Hope everyone had a great run& a good rest!