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{Pretty Nails}

Excited that I can finally get my nails done by Ying
after sucha long time
Ying has actually been doing my nails for over a year
&no way am I gonna put my nails under the care of anyone else
cause she is simply just too good!
(Sorry, I am sticking to ya!)

Isn't her name card just too adorable?
Her physical store will be launching at
48 Haji Lane
on the 15th June!
You can also find out more bout it on FB;

For now, I am getting my nails done at her place :>
Check out her wall of certificates!

& I love how she has done up a pretty corner at her place just like a real nail salon.

Tons &tons of nail designs for you to choose from!
Sometimes I get a lil too spoilt for choice.

My color bases for the day! 
(I'm really sorry that I am so troublesome! :/)

Base is now done!
They look great even without the designs huh?

Ying being all concentrated 
&attentive in getting the designs right.
Gotta add that she is a perfectionist when it comes to doing nails!