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{Protein Pancakes Recipe}

Who says healthy can't be yummy?
Treat yourself to an all-day breakfast with this protein loaded pancakes 
which has the right amount of carbs and minimum fats!

Serving Size: 1 pax / 5-6 mini pancakes

What you will need:
One Scoop of protein powder ( Soy Protein )
1/4 cup of oat
1/2 cup of water
One small banana

Pour all the ingredients into a blender & mix well :)

This is how it should look like after blending.
(Make sure it has a smooth, even texture)
Next, oil your pan with a thin layer of oil
& pour one tablespoon of the pancake mixture onto the pan, forming a mini pancake. 

*only flip the pancake over when you see small air bubbles forming*
& TADAHH, your pancakes are now done 
and that's left to do is the fun part, dressing them up!
I topped my pancakes with Walden's Farm Chocolate Syrup ( 0 calories ) 
If you are wondering why I used Soy Protein,
it's cause it provides a smoother texture to the mixture 
&the link of which my Soy Protein is from is 
Hope you enjoyed this post!