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{TRX Course x Fitlion Challenge}

Many of y'all would have known that I am now TRX Certified.
&it's all thanks to Fitlion for sending me for the course!

Here's the trainer-of-the-day!
Started of with the theory:
how TRX come about ,the overview,
setting up the TRX, guidelines and benefits of suspension training.
Did you know that TRX stands for
&it was born in the navy seal?!

Learning the various parts to the TRX.
(see how hardworking I am? *hahah*)

Hookay, maybe not all the time...

Everyone's being really serious and attentive though! 

To show us not to underestimate the power of TRX and suspension training, 
the trainer asked (we can't exactly say no) us 
to do a killer 12 minutes workout to kick-start the day.
I'm not even kidding bout how tiring it actually is!
&it's only 12 minutes.

&then its down to sweating it out even more (damn right its 80% physical),
learning each individual exercise for the three main areas of our body.
The upper body, the lower body &the core.
Each area has about 30 over exercise of which there are 3 different levels for each!
we needed to do 300 over exercises in just a few hours!

My partner for the day :>
(I must say, she is really strong!)
&we were trying out a fun way to work the abs 
by pushing each other's palm in different directions,
 & at the same time, maintaining the hands in the center of our bodies. 

Then we were asked to take turns in showing and coaching the other 
the various levels to each exercise. 
Felt really new to the 'coaching' part here cause I have never trained anyone before.
Gotta admit that I have quite a bit to buck up on!

Some of the exercises that targets the upper body,
rows, press and curls.

As for the lower body, 
there's actually a huge variations to do a squat!
Not to forget the planks/crunches/sit-ups that can be done to target the core!

After what felt like eons of working our body,
we were given a mini quiz
&before we know it, 
we had completed the series of exercises 
and the TRX Course!
(Just gotta add that I woke up the next day with a sore body *HAHAH*)

Don't worry,
I haven't forgotten bout the Fitlion TRX Challenge that will be held
THIS SUNDAY (26th May)
at Siloso Beach, Sentosa
Sapphire Pavilion
from 12-6pm
You will stand a chance to win attractive BSN prizes 
&I will be there as one of the station masters!
Now it's your turn to feel the power of the TRX.
Seeya there!
♥ ♥ ♥