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{Work your way towards pull-ups}

Many of y'all has inquired bout how I worked my way towards pull-ups 
so that's what I am gonna be talking bout today!

I started off with the lat-pull down machine,
working with about 4 sets x 10 reps for each workout.

Then when I feel like I am up for it,
I started working towards pull-ups with the help of the weights.
Do you see the weights on either side of the pull-up bar in the photo above?
It has an external bar that I can hook to the weights parallel to the floor.
How is works is that I will place both feet on the bar 
&the weights will help to pull me up.
The heavier the weight, 
the easier it is to do the pull-ups.
 Not all assisted pull-ups works the same, 
there are also some which has a platform attached to it so it depends on what your gym offers.
I started with heavier weights on each side 
(4sets x 8-10reps)
& decreased the weights after every 2-3 weeks. 

When I start to feel stronger 
&know that I am more capable to handle a pull-up,
I (throwing my ego aside) worked on 5sets x 1rep of pull-up with no help from the weights.
Yeap, just one repetition for each set.

Slowly, I progressed to 3 reps for each set with the help of the boy supporting me 
with both hands on the area above my hips 
at the spine area.
Followed by completing these 4sets x 3 reps myself. 

It is a really long process but seeing your effort paying off,
being able to pull yourself up,
the end result is always worthwhile.