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{Fika x Tiong Bahru Bakery}

I was being greedy
&I do have this habit of snacking
headed over to Far East Plaza with my bro to try out these egglets for the first time
before heading over to meet my dinner date!

Got the chocolate one 
&I like how it has a crispy outer with a really moist chocolaty inner :> 

Hehe brought Siti to Fika!
It's located at Millenia Walk 
&YES, it's halal!

I'm really a sucker for nice deco. 
It gave such a 'homely' vibe to it. 

Been looking forward to our date cause it has been some time since we last met
&she never fails to make me smile!
That & we always seem to be able to talk about anything and everything.

Gotta settle for the window seat cause the other tables were fully booked!!?

&&&dinner is served!
Got myself the grilled chicken crepe
and the smoked salmon pasta salad for Sit.
Looove the crepe with the extra layer of cheese!
Actually surprised at how huge the portion is
&how big the grilled chicken was.
Needles to say, 
the salad so HUGE.
But I will most def advice y'all to go for the crepe instead.

Next stop, 
My very first time so I really do hope that it's gonna be good.

Look at the huge selection of bread!
I mean,
Cannot help but to get some home to share with my fam.

There's also sandwiches!

Followed by the sole reason as to why I'm there,

It's her first time too so we were both getting really excited to try them out!
(Even though our tummies were actually bursting from overeating at the previous cafe!)

Heard that the lemon tart is one of their best seller
&I absolutely love lemon tarts so it instantly became a must try for me!
Here goes nothing...

Turns out, 
their lemon tart is actually totally different from Canele's.
Instead of having a sweet after taste,
it's actually sour which is very refreshing 
&I guess it's nice to have a change
instead of having sweet treats all the time. 
Not only that, 
there's these white sticks on top of the tart which seems to melt in your moth! 
What I love more was the circular bread one the top!
I always like stuff with the extra crunch 
&it surprised me with how crispy it was!
THAT's a must try :>

Ending of this post with a photo of us :}
Had so much fun 
&it's been some time since I laughed so hard!

P.S. we were already planning our next food hunt location! HAHAH