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{Fitlion's BSN Spinoff}


How many of y'all actually missed the BSN Spinoff last Saturday?
are you gonna be feeling a tad bit of regret reading this post!
okayy, I shall not be mean but
I must say, 
it was really sucha a great deal!

& it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks that way.
Just look at the queue that is already forming about half an hour or so before the event even starts!

Guess it could had started slightly earlier
but *ahem* someone only managed to get there at 12.
at least I'm not late right? 

Each bundle actually comes with a free tee, BSN water bottle 
(while stocks last)
&a spin of the *virtual* wheel!

Here's one of the customer waiting to see what he's gonna win!
So what will they stand a chance to win?
30 servings of Amino/ 30 servings of Cellmass/ BSN Grey tee/
1 box of BSN Protein Bars/BSN drawstring bag.

Here's my share of the protein bars from Fitlion, an entire box just for me!
It's actually super yummy!

&the last customer of the day!
Everyone was shocked with the turnout of the event 
&even though its only supposed to be a half hour event,
we actually had to extend it to an 1 hour plus!

It was also really nice to meet soon of y'all there!
Hope you guys enjoyed the bundle 
&be sure to be there at Fitlion's upcoming events
cause you wouldn't wanna miss it!