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{Galaxy Hair}

It's not bad-hair-day anymore.
It's just BAD HAIR.

As you can see, 
my hair's so dry that I think the three little pigs will probably use my hair 
to build their straw house
&it even sounds rough when I ruffle it.
I finally dragged my lazy ass to Essensuals Bugis.

Starting off with cutting the dry ends.

Bought subway cookies to accompany me when I get bored from sitting too long on the chair.
(I have this really bad habit of snacking when I'm bored :/)

So have you guessed what colour am I getting done this time round?
Decided that I'm not gonna bleach my hair again 
so my stylist, Isabel, is gonna dye the blue on top of the 
current horrible state of orange and pink. 
Neither of us have any idea how it's gonna turn out cause the base isn't 
yellow/white to achieve the super bright kinda blue.

Waiting for my hair to soak up the colour
with the steamer to speed up the process :>

After about half an hour or so,
it's time to rinse and shampoo my hair!
(Pardon my unglam face :/ )

Here's the area where we get our hair washed. 
Wanna know what's the something extra that they have here?

&this is my fav part cause they give the best head massage.
Plus they are really thoughtful cause 
they will always wrapped me up with a blanket
so that I will not get cold!
Perf time to fall asleep huh?

all rinsed & smelling good now!
The blue is turning out to be even better than what we thought it would be!
There's actually three different shades to it
cause I did purple and red a few months back.
Turnouts that it mixed really well with the blue,
giving me a violet tip 
with electric blue above it 
then followed by my *virgin hair* (as quoted by Isabel),
the black.
&Isabel even gave a name to it,
the galaxy hair.

But this is not the end yet!
I was then pampered even further with the jap treatment
which makes your hair softer 
&less frizzy. 
After which,
I was given another rinse.

Just couldn't stop snapping photos of my new hair!
(Isabel was scolding me when these were taken, saying how it's not even dry yet!)
HAHAH opps.

A photo of her curling and drying my mane.
She is always complaining bout how it feels like she is fixing three people's hair 
when she is doing mine cause my hair just keeps growing
thicker and thicker no matter how much she cuts it!

Hair's half done now! 
What dya think?

the moment that I have been waiting for,
Can't stop running my hand through my hair cause it's so damn smooth.

One last photo of my galaxy hair @ my grammy's for dinz.

Enough said bout my day,
here's how you can have  fabulous hair too 
&save big at the same time!

Remember how I mentioned that they having special promos for their anniversary?
Essensuals Bugis is bringing it up a notch by giving 
50% off all hair treatments!
So what are you waiting for?
Hurry go book an appointment with them now!