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If you are a fan of macarons,
please decide if you really wanna read this post right NOW!

I used to be a huge fan of it myself but...

So fortunately (or unfortunately) I've found out a few facts bout macarons
& I guess many of y'all would probably be as mind blown as I am bout it!

The lead ingredient in macarons is sugar. 
Calories in each macaron typically ranges from 110cals - 190 cals.
(About 69 per cent of it comes from sugar ALONE.)
The recipe varies but the main ingredients consists of
powdered sugar,
buttercream / ganache .
Guess it will be much better if you make them yourself
cause that way,
at least you can control how much sugar or butter you wanna have in your macarons.

The magic number is TWO.
The carbohydrate content (of which are from the sugar)
in just one macaron is almost comparable to half a bowl of rice.
Having one or two once in a while to treat yourself is fine
I guess it would probably be better to have burgers as cheat meals instead.

Breaking it down.
Protein (2-3g) from the egg whites and almond flour.
Carbohydrate (15-16g) from the sugar.
Fat (4-8g) almond flour and macaron filling.

This probably doesn't apply to all of the macarons.
Maybe, just maybe, there's some 'healthy' macarons out there somwhere.