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{Sogurt 3rd Anni Party; #SOGURTBASH}

The day has finally arrived!
Sogurt's 3rd year anniversary party is here!

My #ootd for the event!
Love SoBoss's idea of the angel wings!

Everyone is busy dressing the place up!

Here's the 'Pimp your cupcake" booth! 
Such adorable toppings!

The fruit grabbing booth!

&cute little cupcakes by Kisses!

&&More cupcakes!

After grabbing your share of cupcakes, 
you can also pen your wishes on the gigantic Froyo!

Plus the place where you get to be pampered with getting your hair styled
&your make-up done!

Not to forget,
the free flow of yummy waffles that will be toasted just in front of ya!

Waiting for the party to get started!
hahah I has small asian eyes ~

We decided to munch on a few cupcakes.

Grabbed this off Luke's Insta!
A group photo with the two amazing people that will be hosting the event!

The boy is like; "This woman uhh, keep taking photos."

everyone is on stand-by cause the party is about to start!

Just look at the turn-out! 

Was asked to go on stage to introduce myself!
I'm such an awkward person.

Some of you amazing people that I met at the Sogurt Event!
It was sucha pleasure to meet y'all!
&I'm so happy to bump into Cheryl too!

it's time to get down to business,

Cupcake pimped by lil bro!

My turn to pimp my cupcake!
It's so much more prettier than the boy's :p
&& they have lemon flavors for the cupcakes!

Him being all determined to prove me wrong...

I guess it's not too bad for a guy.
What do ya think?

Who can forget bout the Froyo eating competition?!
Was really amazed at how fast they can finish the Froyo 
without getting too much of a brain freeze :/
The fastest team was around 3mins?!
How insane is that?

&all good things have gotta come to an end,
the party ended with them cutting the cuttest Sogurt cake ever!

Managed to bump into JooSheng!
(I was busy stuffing my mouth with food.)

Thankyou for the lovely drink!