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{Sogurt's Turning Three}

Who will be attending Sogurt's 3rd year anniversary?
If you haven't heard bout it 
then here's about a million more reasons why you should be there!
Wondering why I'm all geared up with pretty flowers?
The party is going by the theme:
Garden of Eden!
So girls, 
get ready your pretty floral apparels &accessories.
It's time to doll yourself up :)

The yummy party will be held at 
Zouk Singapore
17 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore 169420
on the 26th June (Wednesday)
from 7.30pm - 10.30 pm
&it's open to all ages!

there's actually gonna be a Froyo Eating Competition!
I mean what's better than having a whole truckload of yummy yoghurt
topped with your favorite toppings 
&stand a chance to win amazing prizes for eating them?!

Besides that,
there's also many other exciting booths at the event!
Everyone will be entitled to FREE FLOW OF FRYO, waffles, cupcakes 
plus a SURE-WIN lucky draw, games 
&even beauty booths!

Need more reasons to be there?
Sogurt is also holding an Instagram Challenge!
Complete all 5 tasks correctly, 
you will stand a chance to receive $25 worth of Sogurt vouchers!
it is so good that you can never get enough of it!
you will needa find me amongst the sea of people.
I will try not to make it too hard for ya,

Hope to see all of you lovely people there!
Hurry go get your tickets at any Sogurt outlet now
&receive the Early Bird Discount!