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{Abstract Nail Art; TheNailArtelier}

It's time for me to get my nails done for the month of July!
It's kinda scary how fast time flies sometimes huh?
arrived at TheNailArtelier and saw that their pretty wall of Polaroids are getting all filled up :>

Absolutely adore this cozy corner that they had set up,
especially with the rain pouring outside.

Random picture of me just being me.

Was served these lovely snacks.

this tea cup is too cute.
Just wanna bring it home.

Started with filing my nails and removing the dry skin.

Instantly feeling all that smoother!

So this is my first time doing Gel Polish
&pardon me, 
I can be very noob at times...
I didn't know the machine works by heating up!
Thought it was gonna a coool kinda treatment but ohhkay,
I learnt something new.

Almost done there!
Still pretty much amazed by how patient Ying is.

Sneak Preview~
Just Kidding hahahah 

How do you like them?
Love my thumbs the most :}
It is also now that I realised that I am really tan as compared to the white background!

Heheh, some of their cute table clothes!

Remember to drop by The Nail Artelier ( @Haji Lane )
when you are free to get your nails done!
You will not be disappointed!

Took some polaroids at the end.
One with my fatty (who was also telling everyone there that he is a patient man *AHEM*)
&another one with my pretty nailist, Ying.

Ending this post with the boy playing around with the "gold bucks".

Until next time,