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{Baked Salmon Recipe}

Been asked by many bout how I go about making my favorite meat of all time,
So here's a post just for it!
It's pretty simple and yes,
it's another no oil recipe :p

What you will need:
Soya Sauce
Aluminum Foil

Here's the seasoning that I will be using.
Found it at Fair Price Finest :>

&the main focus of this post.

Letting the boy remove the skin cause I absolutely hate this part!
The skin is so freaking stronggg,
like it really clings to the flesh!

Also got the less salt soya sauce!
(Can also be found at Fair Price Finest.)

1. Time to slice the salmon up!
I usually slice them cause it is much easier to cook the fish throughout.

2. Top the fish with seasoning

Remember to massage them!

3. Add half a cap of soya sauce.

4. Pop them into the fridge for one night.
(If not, get them marinated for at least an hour before baking.)

Looks like they are soaking up the goodies real well!

5. Place them on top of the aluminium foil.
***For who likes their salmon crisped,
there's no need to wrap them up!

Wrap the salmon up if you like a softer texture for your salmon.

6. Pop them into a pre-heated oven of 160 degrees.
Leave them in the oven for about 15 minutes.