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{Doing The Proper Lunge}

 Many of y'all actually inquired bout how to go abut doing a proper lunge
&this is what I will be talking about today!
Hope it helps in clearing some of your doubts. 

Start by positioning your feet slightly closer than shoulder width apart,
toes facing forward. 
Move one leg forward/ backward (either way is fine)
& control your movement down,
doing your best to maintain a 90 degrees at both knees. 

You can always add weights to increase the level of difficulties 
but it will be safer to start off with body weight first 
&slowly progress up. 

So what are some of the mistakes made when performing a lunge?

Some of us tend to place our feet too far apart,
resulting in lost of balance.

This is how it will look like from the front.
The knee at the back will also tend to bend outwards when our feet are positioned too far apart
which is not good for the knees in the long run
as it is an unnatural motion.

Another mistake is placing our feet too close to each other.

(Pardon my laughing face cause it felt so awkward!HAHA)
Placing your feet too close together
will result in you throwing your knee beyond your toes which will cause a sharp pain at your ankles. 

it will be good to start correcting your lunges in front of a mirror 
to check your form / you can get your workout buddy to check it for you!
& you may ask,
so what is the proper distance like?
It should feels comfortable when you are preforming your repetitions
& you should feel it working all of your leg muscles 
(quads, hamstring, calves ). 
It also works your core as you will need to stabilize yourself.
Enjoy your lunges!