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{Fat Vs Muscle; Fitness Tip}

sorry to start this post which sucha photo but 
that's exactly what we will be talking about today!
I realized that many girls are usually put off by muscles 
or how they think their thigh is too muscular 
or they simply just want to be slim with no(minimum) muscle mass.
So I will be sharing with you as to why I LOVE muscles.

1. The difference in density & size
2kg of Fat and 2kg of Muscle may weigh the same 
but fat seems to take up SOOO MUCH MORE SPACE! 
Just check out the photo on top & you will know what I mean.
This is also the reason why I don't bother with weighing myself anymore
cause someone who is around say 60kg who works out regularly
compared to someone who is 60kg and does not work out,
 they may be of the same weight but they most definitely look different in size!
The one who works out often will look much more lean and compact
whereas the other will look slightly 'big'.

2. Metabolism 
One pound of muscle tissue helps to burn 7-10 calories 
whereas one pound of fat only burns 2-3 calories!
gaining an extra pound of muscle can about help you to burn more calories on a daily basis!

3. Ability to choose where to gain/ lose
I am sure many of y'all would love to lose that extra fat just hanging around your body,
be it the 'love handles' or the lower tummy fat or those at the arms
but unlike muscles whereby you can target an area to work,
fat cells act as one.
In other words, 
you can't choose where to gain or lose.
You will need to treat them as a whole
& it works with relation to calories consumed or calories used. 
With exercising, 
it helps to burn calories which will aid in losing fats.

don't be upset bout how you have "only" lose one pound ( approx 0.4kg ) of fats!
Go on, 
give yourself a pat on the shoulder :>
I hope I am on my way to changing your minds about mucles!

Enough bout which is better or worst. 
So what are some of the myths of fats and muscles?

1. Fats can be converted into muscles / when I stop lifting, I will turn fat
These two are made up of completely different tissues. 
They have different structures and functions
which is why it is impossible for one to be converted into the other.
You may be slightly "flabby" when you stop lifting for some time
but that is due to the fact that you are not using these muscles anymore
&your diet remains the same in terms of calories as to when you are lifting
which resulted in gain in fats. 

2. Muscular thighs
Many girls will properly perceive that their thighs are getting muscular
especially after they start taking up sports.
Truth is, 
they may most probably be gaining muscle mass 
but not losing any fat at all!
giving the misconception that muscles are not good or that it makes a girl bulky. 

3. The only way to get stronger is to increase the load/ weights
is it true that the heavier you lift,
the stronger you are 
but this is not the only way to a stronger physique.
Doing each repetition slowly with good form 
stresses the muscles 
which in turn,
strengthens them. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post
&that it managed to change some of your perceptions!