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{Healthy Baked Chicken Recipe}

Trying out a new recipe with the BBQ Sauce that I've recently purchased at 
which cost about SGD$7. 

Got a package of frozen skinless chicken thighs from The Market Place
which also happens to be low in fat!

The boy says that we will needa marinate the chicken a day before we cook so that
"the flavours can be soaked into the chicken."
But I guess if you are busy,
just one hour of marinating is fine.

Poking some holes in the chicken so that the marinate can permeate the meat better. 
(Leaving the 'dirty' job to him.)

it's time to put my BBQ Sauce to good use!

Spread the sauce evenly all around the chicken.

Added another element to the chicken for more flavour. 
BBQ Spices which can be in any supermarket. 

Now it's all done!
Place it in the open for 15 minutes then 
pop it into the fridge!

One day later...
Start with pre-heating your oven to 160 degrees.

Take a piece of aluminium foil
& wrap it nicely so that the juices don't flow out.  
(Making sure that the dull side of the foil is facing out!)

Place the chicken into the oven for about half an hour at 140 degrees.

Our herbal chicken is now done!
You can cut it open in the middle to check if its fully cooked
like what we did above.

Time to enjoy my meal ~
Hope you like this recipe!
Really surprised at how tender the meat turned out to be.