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{Warm ups& warm downs; Fitness Tips}

So what do you do for warm-ups?
Are warm-downs important?
What are dynamic stretches and static stretches?
How do you know if you are doing it correctly?
Hope that I will be able to clear your doubts at the end of this post!

Dynamic stretches are stretches that are "moving"
& Static Stretches are those whereby you will stay in that one stretch for a few seconds. 
Will give examples of them in a bit!

So how is a warm-up supposed to look like?
I feel that it will be great to start by doing a 10 minutes warm-up on the Cross Trainer.

Why a Cross Trainer instead of the treadmill or the bicycle?
It's cause the Cross Trainer works both the upper body & the lower body at the same time. 
At the end of the 10 minutes,
you should be feeling warmed up but NOT exhausted!
After which,
this is where the dynamic stretches will come into place.

& why dynamic stretches for warm-ups instead of static stretches? 
Static Stretches are more advisable to be done after your exercise for warm-downs
cause if they are done before your work-out,
you will limit your ability to contract your muscles
(especially when you are going to be doing weight training).
For example,
doing pac static stretching whereby you place your palm against the wall to stretch your chest area,
you may lower your mobility to do a push-up with full range of motion. 

So what are some of the Dynamic Stretches that can be done for your warm-up 
after the Cross Trainer?

I call this the Toy Solider (HAHAH)
Start by extending both arms forward as shown in the photo on the left
& kick your left foot to your right palm.
Then your right foot to your left palm
&each time, 
moving forward.
This will help to work your hamstring, the muscle at the back of your thigh. 
When kicking your foot up,
make sure the leg that's on the floor do not bend too much!
[Try doing this for about half a minute.]

place your hands on your butt with palms facing out 
& kick your heel back, touching your palms.
Similar to the above,
you will needa move forward when doing this.
This will work your quads, the thigh area.
[Try doing this for half a minute.]

The girls should be familiar with this!
The downward facing dog.
Note that it is alright if your feet are not able to completely touch the floor at the start.
You will get better if you continue doing this!

Instead of just holding in this position,
walk your feet towards your hands!

This will be targeting all the muscles at the back of your legs!
[Try doing this for 6-8 reps.]

Something to target the upper body.
Get yourself into plank position,
round the area below your neck,
filling up the hole (area in between to the two back bones that looks like wings.)

Then drop that area down,
making sure that your arms are still straighten, 
creating a hole in between the two back bones (that are shaped like wings).
In a way, 
you are moving your upper body without even bending your arms.
For those who are able to do push-ups,
you can also add a push-up into this dynamic stretch!
[Try doing this for 8-10 reps.]

enough bout dynamic stretches.
Time to pay attention to Static Stretches which is recommended to be done after your workout 
for warm-downs.
Here's of the common static stretches that can be done. 

Toe Touches are the one of the most common stretches.
Try touching one foot first then the other then followed by both feet together.
[Try holding the stretch for 15-20 seconds each.]

The boy& I call this the elephant truck (wth right? HAHAH)
&I know, 
I look like I am stoning.
Sorry ): been real tired lately with all those work that I needa compete. 

This targets the shoulder area
& try doing it for 15- 20 seconds for both arms.

This stretch targets the triceps area.
[Try doing this for each arm for about 15-20 seconds.]

Here's the dancer pose
whereby it helps in stretching out our back. 
Place one leg over the other 
&bend it at a 90 degree.
Use the arm that is the opposite of the bent leg to push it down towards the ground
& turn your head to the opposite of the bent leg with the other arm stretched out.
***Must sure that your shoulder is always in contact with the floor!
[Hold this pose for 20 seconds then switch leg.]

what are some of the exercises that we have been taught since we were a little child

The rotation of the ankles
Who's familiar with this?
This is actually not good cause we are rotating our ankles 
& it is something that we do not even doing during our daily activities.
Doing this before a workout or a run will 
increase the possibility of getting a sprained ankle!

Rotation of our hip and knee joints
I'm sure many of us would have seen the elderly doing this at the parks
but it is something that is totally unnecessary!
When we do this,
we are rotating our hips & knees in a way that we do not usually do.
It is very unnatural 
& just like the rotation of the ankles,
it will increase the possibility of dislocated the joints.

Neck stretches whereby we throw our head to the back.
 Bending our heads to the sides & using our hands to hold it there 
or putting our chin to our collarbones area are fine
but there is no need to throw our head backwards.
this is not a very natural motion for our body.
(Even though, I know many of you guys feel good doing it after spending hours on the phone or computer!)

Hope y'all enjoyed this post 
&that it managed to teach you some stuff that you will find using when it comes to working out!