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If you read my previous post bout my trip down to Essensuals Bugis,
you'd probably know that I fidget a lot & can't sit still for more than half an hour.
So I'm all prep up for my trip to Essensuals Bugis yesterday with 
a novel packed in my bag.
It gets pretty hard for me to stop once a start reading so I'm sure it will def come in handy!

Decided to dye my hair red again cause I realized it's one of the colors that I know I can "pull-off".
Was thinking how blue didn't really suit me the other time 
cause it's more of a cool & calm color.
You'd probably figure out why red suits me better now.
I wouldn't deny that Imma hot tempered person.

I wanted something different at the same time.
(Yes, I'm also a very difficult customer HOHOHO)
I asked to have my hair done in this sequence:
Dark Brown > Magenta Red > Baby Pink
If I were Isabel  (My AWESOME Stylist), 
I would probably wanna kill me 
cause it's not gonna be an easy job.
Thank you so much for bearing with me!
Besides coloring my hair, 
I was also given a treatment which really helps!
You know how your hair gets all dry and lifeless after dying it?
Essensuals Bugis has the perfect treatment for it.
Never fail to amaze me with the results.

(Just so you know)
my fav part while getting my hair done is the head massages I receive when they wash my hair for me.

Can't really see the contrast yet as it will only be more visible after a few wash.
Here's how my hair's like this morning!
Just imagine how pretty it will be after a few wash!

So here comes the AWESOME PART!

EssensualsBugis is has an amazing offer for y'all!
$120 for both color + treatment!
Was also informed that my readers can also receive 10% off by quoting "Georgina".
What are ya waiting for?
Quick get your hair done by Essensual Bugis (next to Bugis Street) 
&pamper yourself with fab hair!