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{GymBoxx XL x Fitlion ON SpinOff}

Hi y'all! 
(Just my snapping funny pictures of myself after my shower &workout. HAHAH)
I know some of you guys are waiting for my updates on my gym sponsor (*squeals*)
& the Fitlion ON SpinOff event!
So let's begin...

Fitlion & F1 Recreation has recently opened a new GymBoxx outlet at Bishan CC!
Just imagine my joy when I was informed that 
Fitlion will be sponsoring my gym membership @ GymBoxx XL!
One of the few reasons as to why I really love Fitlion is not because they shower me with supplements
but the fact that they are really great people to work with!
They have never ask me to do anything with regards to publicity or try to "control" me in any way.
(WHICH I TOTALLY LOVE cause I hate being ordered around) 
all these blogging and publicity that I'm doing is actually based on my own free will!
No pressure from the Lion at all!
In a way,
it feels really good cause it's like they really trust me.

***You must be wondering why is it called GymBoxx XL.
That's because its really XL as compared to their other outlets!

Enough bout me blabbering,
gonna let the photos do the talking now!

They have various posters up on the wall to share more information bout some of the 
ON products.
Just look at the posters with the ON athletics! 
Motivation or what huh?

hahah just Andruew being Andruew
& yes, I spelled his name correctly!

Here's how the main area of the gym looks like!
Love the banners hung on the ceiling!

Now there's no need to fight to get onto the treadmill!

If you follow me on Instagram (@sugarrandspice),
you would have seen my workout videos and how cool the machines are at GymBoxx.
They are able to help you count your reps and the amount of time you are taking for each set!

Oh! & here's an assisted machine to help you work towards pull-ups, chin-ups

So who's pretty much in love with the gym as I am?
&to make it even more appealing,
the membership rates are going at sucha great deal!

OPPS, realised that my finger is covering the handout. 
It's Standard (for people above 21),
For people 21 and below
& senior citizen.

Per entry for those above 21 is $5
& for those 21 and below is $4!

&it's time to prepare to the SpinOff Event! 

I'm the "Spin Girl".

Some of the big prices on the SpinOff!
A whole freaking tub of Hydro builder/ Hydro Whey!

As usual, 
I'm always shocked by the turn-out of Fitlion's Event!
The queue even went up to the next floor!!!

Besides the collection point & SpinOff, 
there's also an ON Challenge happening in the gym for those who has collected their bundle!

Here's the challenge:
40 reps TRX squats
15 reps pull-ups
30 sec rest
25 reps bicep curls (15 kg)
15 reps shoulder press (15kg)
30 sec rest
25 reps cable chest fly (27kg each side)
25 reps tricep push down with rope
30 sec rest
40 sit-ups


Some of you dare devils waiting for your turn on this challenge!

I could tell some of y'all were really pushing yourself hard.
Everyone def deserves a pat on their shoulders!

Other than the challenge, 
there were also free-flow of hydro builder and pre for sample!
Here's a photo for the bar-tender hahah

everyone gets a small cup for sample but the BIG one is mine :]

Needless to say,
the event was a huge success!
&&& It wouldn't have been possible without y'all!

Managed to grab these photos from some of your IG when I saw the notifications!
I'm really sorry that I missed some of your tags 
&didn't get to see the photo that we took tgt
cause my notifications kept getting spammed 
& I most probably missed it!
it was really great meeting y'all 
&thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

One last photo with the amazing team 
& one of the Fitlion's Boss 
before I head home and crash!