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{FAQ cont.}

Was thinking how most of y'all probably don't know much bout me or what I'm like
(other than the fact that I love to work out :p)
So I was thinking bout having a little post to share some stuff bout me 
& at the same time,
answer some of the questions that I have been asked quite frequently on Instagram/ in emails.
I think most of y'all haven't head over to my FAQ yet 
so if your questions are not addressed in this post,
it's most probably answered there already.

I would like to start by apologizing for not replying my mails for quite some time.
Hope y'all aren't mad at me for that!
Do give me a chance to explain yes?
I wanted to keep this a secret until I have made it a "reality "
but I guess I needa explain why I am so busy lately. 
So the thing is,
I am currently taking American Council on Exercise (ACE) course
&I'm studying to be a Certified Personal Trainer.
I have been asked by many to train them but diff people have diff set of rules for themselves
&I simply doesn't wanna train anyone till I am certified.
I feel like its being fair to both the client & myself.
Another reason is that I gotta admit I have soooo much to learn with regards to fitness.
I really have a lot to work on so this course is taking up quite a bit of my time
as I'm studying everything from basic since I have no foundation whatsoever. 
I have never studied so hard before. 
Sighs, feel a lil stupid cause sometimes I feel like I know nuts bout fitness. 
at least I'm doing something bout it. 
Everyone gotta start somewhere huh?

In case you're wondering, 
I recently graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Business Studies).
So now that you know what is taking up so much of my time,
do forgive me for not replying my mails ):
I'm pretty much stressed up over my course & it's really silly at the same time cause it seems so easy for other people. 
you may think its crazy but I have almost a hundred over mails that I yet to reply.
There's only one of me but so many of you.
Do understand! 
(OH OH! Many of the questions that y'all had inquired are actually already answered in my FAQ 
/ in the fitness tips section on my blog!)
**I do try to answer the questions on ask.fm though!

Let's start with the FAQ that I have been receiving recently yes?

1. What keeps you motivated? 
Hmm, I guess it's not so much of motivation for me anymore. 
It's more of a healthy habit
I have the tendency to feel really weird or mad at myself if I were to skip my workouts. 
I do have those days where I'm too lazy to move but 
I will always remind myself that it's all worth it
Don't think bout how you feel before/ during the workout,
think bout how great you feel after the workout. 

2. Where do you find the time to workout?
It's not so much of "finding" time, 
it's more of "making" time. 
I guess it all boils down to priorities.
If you think it is important enough to make the time for it, 
then you will. 
As mentioned earlier,
I will never allow myself to skip any of my workout days. 
I have this habit to plan my week ahead so if I planned that I am supposed to workout on that day, 
nothing can stop me from skipping. 
Should also let y'all know that I'm pretty stubborn. 
If I set my mind to it, 
I just have to get it done no matter what.
Even when I got 3 of my wisdom teeth removed at one go a few months back, 
I still dragged my ass to the gym the following day not giving a damn bout my swollen face.
Yeap, that's me. 

3. How do you eat so much& still look like that?

I wouldn't deny that I love food
&I'm not lucky like how many girls think I am. 
I gain weight real easily (from my bulking experience, I gained 5.5 kg in a week).
Don't forget that I work out too!
Calories in, Calories out. 
I also believe in eating everything in moderation
It doesn't mean that I'm fit/good enough just cause I eat cake, ice cream &whatever the hell I wanna eat.
It doesn't mean that being fit equals going on a diet &eating lesser. 
I feel that I can still allow myself to indulge but always to keep in mind what in eat in moderation. 

Here's a few tips for y'all:  
(i). ALWAYS share your dessert!!! 
(ii). Avoid food that are deep fried. Try going for those that are steamed, pan fried/ grilled.
(iii). Avoid soda/ soft drinks (This is something that I have not drank for a year).

4. How do you get sponsors?
Its funny how I'm always asked this. haha
I didn't start my fitness journey thinking that I will be "famous" or get sponsored.
I'm not very good at being in the limelight. 
I started doing what I do cause I wanna feel good bout myself. 
So, the boy brought me to the gym &I just fell in love with it.
It all just kinda happen.
Trust me,
even up till this day, 
I still can't believe how much Instagram has changed my life. 
Sounds melodramatic but I'm not even kidding. 
So back to the question, 
I am actually approached by all my sponsors.
Lady Luck must be smiling down on me.
I'm really grateful!

5. Can I have some tips for beginners?
I understand how it may a really awkward the first few times at the gym.
Feeling kinda unsure bout what to do 
&having all those other people around makes you kinda self-conscious. 
Heheh I was like that too!

Here's some pointers for y'all:
(i). Always plan your workout ahead. 
(ii). If you feel awkward, get a gym buddy! That will make working out so much more fun too!
(iii). Start with a weight that provides enough resistance to make you feel that it's kinda tough 
&not so light that you can easily do 101 reps.
(iv). Throw your ego aside! Focus on form! There's no need to go so heavy till you can perform a proper rep! 

6. What is your abs routine?
I don't exactly have a routine for abs :/
I will usually do a few sets after my workout when I feel like I'm up for it. 
My favorite abs exercises are 

Planks, Leg Raise, Bicycle Crunches & Mountain Climbers.  

Will usually alternate between these few doing 3 sets with 20-30 reps for 
Leg Raise, Bicysle Crunches & Mountain Climbers.

Hookay, hope I have answered most of your questions!
I gotta admit that I find it a wee bit hard to blog sometimes. 
I'm still not very used to this blogging thing as I have only been blogging for a few months 
I'm a mega "emoji person" & it feels kinda weird to have me type so many words but no emojis.
So if you haven't noticed, 
I always have :] :} :p :O :/ in some of the sentences

Ending this post with a random photo of me from the Fitlion Photo shoot 
that was taken when I first became 
Fitlion's Female Brand Ambassador (approx. 5 months ago?). 
Def excited for some gains