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{Nail Art w TheNailArtelier}

& it's time for me to get my nails done again!
In case you are wondering, 
Ying is now doing gel nails for me cause my nails get chipped real easily
(mainly cause I cook, lift etc.)
and they always end up looking kinda gross after 2weeks.
I'm really pleased to share that ever since I get my nails done in gel,
I don't have that problem anymore!
Not only that, 
gel polish is also better cause it allows your nails to "breathe". 

This is a photo of my nails just below I reach the nail salon. 
Still pretty much perfect other than the fact that my new nails are growing out!
&it has already been a month :O

Started with soaking off the gel.
Ying called them "BBQ Fingers".
I also found out that I am kinda sensitive to the soak-off chemicals.
My fingers felt like they are getting cooked and burnt after awhile.

Gel polish removed, 
nails trimmed, 
extra skin cut off, 
dead skin on the nails (not visible to naked eye!) removed!

hahah I asked Ying to pose for a photo and this is what she gave me.
Time to paint the base color! 

How my nails look like before she adds in the details 
&black outline.
Was thinking how I actually don't mind leaving with just these base colours!

Now for the tricky part (even though Ying said it wasn't difficult at all!),
adding in the outline and details!

If you follow me on IG, 
you'd probably know how my nails turned out!

My actual photo posted on IG,
no filter needed at all!
I was so amazed by it.
Can't stop looking at my nails hahah

Find out more bout my nail artist&her nail salon 

Signing off with a mini hair update!
Real pleased with how the colours are turning out :}