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{Nike Free Flyknit}

If you're following me on Instagram, 
you'd probably know that I have been given this amazing pair of invented by Nike :]
The latest Nike product; Nike Free Flyknit.
The mini event was held at Orchard Central 
& I was thrilled when they told me I could pick any set of outfit to match my shoes!

Check out the pretty colors they have!
One thing that I truly love bout Nike is that they are really stylish & functional at the same time.

Look the red top above, 
there are different materials at different areas to cater to the needs of the user
(3 different materials to be exact!). 
Due to the insane heat that we experience here, 
there's the mesh material with larger holes at the middle to allow more air to enter.

Besides that, 
they actually designed the male and female tops differently!
Males seem to sweat more at the pits area so instead of having the mesh at the middle, 
it's actually located at the pits area for guys!
How thoughtful huh?

Started by trying out my pair of Nike Free Flyknit to see if the size is alright
&it was a perfect fit! 

After which, 
we were asked to try on the tops and bottom.
Pick a blue top with tights.
Why tights?
I think it is so much more convenient for girls that way.
There's no need to worry bout showing "stuff" unintentionally.

How do ya like what I picked?
Wanted the blue shoes sooooo much but they ran outta size for me >:

we had a mini introduction for the latest collection.
Kelvin explained to us about the different apparels 
which got us all thinking;
"I didn't know so much thought was actually put into creating these pieces!"
Nike always puts the user's exercise experience as their top priority.
Always making sure not to have any obstructions / disturbance in the product that will hinder discomfort.

Did you know that we are supposed to wear Nike Free Flyknit like a pair of socks?
Which means there's no need for socks when you're wearing it 
&it will mould itself to the shape of your feet overtime. 

To let us have a feel of how it actually feels like wearing the apparels, 
we were asked to go for a trial run!

So what do I actually think bout Nike Free Flyknit & the apparels?
I'm actually really surprise at how amazing the top felt when I was running. 
It's so comfortable to the extend that it feels like its barely there. 
May be it's cause of how there's the little air passage ways created to enhance the experience, 
I didn't even feel hot at all!
I've always love Nike tights so it's no surprise that I love this pair too. 
As mentioned above, 
there's really no obstructions in the shorts that will irritate you if you're planning to go for a long run 
&it seems to be able to fit perfectly.

&&& lastly,
the beautiful Free Flyknit. 
I was a bit worried bout how my feet will stink up the shoes since we aren't supposed to be wearing socks 
and stuff but I was amazed at how it didn't stink at all.
There's a lot of "breath-ability" in the shoes & all you gotta do after the workout is to air them!
[Do note that placing them under the sun/ the hair dyer is a BIG NO NO.]
I must say, 
Nike Free Flyknit really took barefoot running to a whole new level. 
Somehow it kinda makes you feel like you can go even further when you're running. 
Not only that, 
I think it's also perfect cause I can use them for lifting too!
Since its so light & thin, 
it's perf for lifting!