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{Push-up Technique/ Proper form for Push-up}

 Many have asked bout how to do a push-up & how to actually start doing it.
The insta video of these push-up variations are already up on my Instagram;
I will be going more in depth into the form for push-ups,
how many sets to work with 
&what to avoid doing when performing a push-up.

A lil re-cap for beginners;
The Push-up Progression

1. Push Up Wall

Start with 4 sets with about 2 minutes rest in between.
Take note of how many proper form push-ups you can do 
& when you can hit about 20-25 reps per set,
you can now progress to elevated push-ups.

2. Elevated Push Up

 The height of the elevation depends on your strength.
The higher the elevation, 
the easier it is.
When you manged to hit about 20-25 reps x 4 sets
(2mins rest in between),
you can then progress to either a lower height of elevation / knee push-ups.

3. Knee Push Up

4. Push Up

Now you will ask, 
what is the proper form for push-up?

A few pointers to take note of:
Positioning of hands - Slightlty wider than shoulder width apart
Positioning of feet - the wider your feet, the easier it is to perform the push-up
Always keep in mind to move your body as a whole - keep your body in a staight line, no butt in the air / butt sagging
Brace your core & butt - tighten/ clench them when performinhg the push-up
Take note of your elbows - if they are "flying out" too much / wobbling, it means that you're tired.
Always have a straight, neatural head position.

Performing the push-up 
At the top of the push-up with your arms straighten, 
with body tight (core &butt clenched),
lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90 degrees or lower. 
Once your elbows are at a 90 degrees,
push yourself back up. 

There you go!
Hope you find this helpful.