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{River Safari}

So I visited River Safari with Pulfer, Isabel & Roger last week!

There were a series of fish tanks showcasing diff kinda river/water type animals.

We thought the corcs were statutes at first till one of it moved and made this loud "thud" sound
that made of us jump!

Look at this cutie pie!
It was literally smiling for the camera!
it's what sorta the main attraction of the River Safari,
the pandas!

Isn't it just too adorable?!
Wanted to give it a bear hug so badly!
The other panda kinda stayed in it's room the entire time we were there.
I think it's feeling kinda sad?

After all, 
animals have feelings too ehh. 
It's funny how after we left River Safari, 
I felt kinda sad for all these animals. 
It's like they are all being "locked up" for our entertainment. 
Made me think that it's gonna be my last time heading to such places. 
I just can't bear the thought that these poor animals are there for amusements of humans. 
They are being deprived of freedom& companion. 
 I do believe that they are well taken care of but are they truly happy?
There was this other pretty huge enclosed area whereby there's just one sad lil beaver living in it. 
I couldn't even bear to snap a photo of it.
Trust me to get all emotional over this huh?
I wouldn't deny that I'm pretty much an animal person. 

We managed to catch the polar bear being fed! 
Didn't mention this before 
but polar bears are top on my fav animal list!
Alongside with tigers :}
Was really happy to catch it in action.
It was so graceful (if that's even possible)!

I also managed to snap this really "heart warming" photo.
[You would have probably realised that I'm a very emotional person.]
Not too sure bout the name of this mammal but here's what happened,
the diver was in water just hanging out with them
&one of it just starts circling around him.
it kinda looked at the diver and extends its "arms".
The diver did the same, 
extending his arms signalling for a hug 
& the mammal just swam right into his arms hugging him!
Its simply breathtaking to witness sucha moment. 
How animals feel the same as we do
& sometimes, even react the way we do. 

But of course, 
we gonna drop by @ the cafe selling these famous adorable panda buns!
It's stuffed with red bean paste 
&I'm surprised at how soft it was! 
It's pretty good but I can't say the same for the dumplings.
They tasted like frozen dumplings :/


Really love thhis  ^

At this time, 
we were all literally starving so we decided to pop by Ajisen for lunch!

Tom yam soup for the tom yam lover :p

After which, 
we decided to play L4D.
hahah random, I know.

Me & the pretty bel. 
After gaming, we decided to catch "Last Summer", a Thai horror which got us all jumping in our seats 

&it's dinner time!

My lil bro who is not that "little" hahah 

What boys usually do while they wait for their food to arrive...
& what girls do...

It's already past 10 & I'm dying from hunger. 
at least I have water. 

Food's finally here!
The chicken murtabak was really good!
Yum yum.
This marks the end of our crazy loooong day!
Can't wait to meet up with they soon.