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{Asian Skin Solution}

Was really thrilled when Asian Skin Solutions invited me for a facial treatment, having heard really good reviews about them!
As the name suggests, Asian Skin Solutions is the only one in Singapore who specializes in dealing with Asian Skin types and Asian Skin specific worries!

You can find them at:
Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Singapore 238459
Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425

Shall take this time to share a little about my skin.
I've never been satisfied with my skin condition
as I’ve had quite a fair share of white heads and outbreaks.
I actually don't use foundation/BB Cream AT ALL because I'm afraid that they will result in even more clogged pores in my already clogged up skin :/
Personally, I feel that having good skin is important, not just for health but building one's confidence.
It actually enables radiant complexions, which gives you the extra "glow".
So, it's time I get a little help from the experts!

When I first arrived at their ParkMall outlet, the atmosphere made me feel really cozy, along with the welcoming and friendly specialists!

After a brief introduction, we began with an analysis of my skin to find out what my skin is lacking and what are some of the areas that I will need to take note of so as to customize a treatment that is best for my skin!
From my past experiences with other beauty salons, there were neither analysis done for my skin nor customization of treatments that works best for me so I was really impressed with Asian Skin Solutions for providing this service!

Had so much fun doing the analysis, being able to find out so much about my skin that I have been unaware of all these years! :O

My skin actually has the optimal level for moisture & it's actually smooth?!?
Here is how you read the chart below, the red dots that are at the innermost of the chart is good and the further away they are from the core, the more "horrible" the condition is.

The fact that I have oily skin & "monster" pores was no surprise to me but I actually have WRINKLES AT THE AGE OF 20?!?
Jade tested for wrinkles at my eye area as that’s the area where wrinkles are more prone to appear.
&&& The main reason behind why I actually have wrinkles is cause I laugh too much! HAHAH I wouldn’t deny that fact!

I also took this opportunity to ask if they will be "digging" my skin cause I have pretty low tolerance for pain & found out that they actually DO NOT believe in extraction!
Jade continued explaining to me that extraction actually enlarges the pores, allowing more dirt/bacteria to be absorbed into the skin which may also result in scarring. Now, that I know :O

Jade then proceeded to show me the customized treatments that I will be pampered with in a short while.
After which, I was brought to a room that was beautifully decorated with rose petals.
Heheh, felt like sucha princess~

After settling myself on the comfy bed & wrapping my body with the fluffy blanket, the specialist started working on my face! :X

The earlier analysis also showed that the collagen level in my skin is pretty low, which means it's much harder for my skin to absorb nutrients. So, today's main focus will be adding more collagen to my skin.

Applying the layer of collagen~ 

The specialist gently rubbing the collagen into my skin with the aid of the machine.

OH! Gotta thank Nick, Marketing Executive aka Photographer of the day, for taking these photos for me!

Nick was telling me how I looked like Frankenstein's Monster so the inquisitive me decided to touch my face to see what's the color that has been applied on my face, which also made him come to the conclusion that I'm a curious girl. HAHAH

Feels like I'm getting mummified :>

&&& my favorite part of all, the massage!

All done with real supple skin & I gotta admit that I couldn't bear to leave!


Lovely Jade gave me this complimentary gift, what an adorable bottle (worth $280) for the wrinkles! ;)

Still really amazed at how my skin feels even 3 days after the treatment! Just one session!! Its evident that the collagen treatment was effective, my skin is now able to absorb the toner & moisturizer much more easily! I don't need to pat my face for minutes & still feel that the "oily" base of the moisturizer on my skin, as now it seems to soak right through my skin!

Came to realize, having better complexion makes on feel more confident just like having a good body. Speaking of body…
As we all know Christmas is just around the corner, our diet plays a HUGE role in keeping our skin healthy.
So, here are some tips that I would like to share & hope it helps during the festive season when we are all eating tons of yummy things!

1. Always keep yourself HYDRATED!
Ever wondered why people are always talking about how drinking water gives you a more radiant & younger complexion?
It's because skin is made up of cells, which is made up of water.
Without water, it will not be able to function well or at its best.
Also, drinking water will aid in cleansing & detoxing your body from all the oily food that you will be consuming during the festive season!

2. Eat everything with MODERATION
It is perfectly fine to have 2-3 chicken wings but having more than 5 is definitely a big no-no!
I know it can get pretty tough to restrict yourself from eating
"Unhealthy food", especially when it is such a joyful season when you're celebrating it with your loved ones. Just keep in mind to consume them in moderation, it will be alright!
Don't take too many extra servings of rice/ eat out of the jar!

3. Sharing is Caring
Lastly, who can resist yummy desserts?
I believe that things taste even better when you share them so remember to share your desserts!

Shall end of with an amazing news


Asian Skin Solutions is having an AMAZING promo for all my readers!!! Wanna know what you can get with just $10?
•   Detailed Skin Analysis
•   Customized Facial includes: Cleanse + Steam + Extraction + Facial
•   Deep Conditioning Eye Treatment
Gotta admit that that's an amazing deal!
10 lucky winners will also stand to win a facial package worth $3000!

Really really enjoyed myself tremendously at Asian Skin Solutions. I would definitely recommend y'all to give it a try too!
Christmas is coming & when will be a better time to pamper yourself than now? :]

For more enquiries, feel free to drop them a call @ 6767 0077

Terms and Conditions:
  Above 18 years old and above only (male and female)
  Strictly by appointment only
  Promotion valid for 2 months