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{Juice Cleanse}

I’m extra particular about the things I share/ promote
because I only wanna share bout/ support things that I believe in & agree with.
I will usually spam companies with questions whenever I’m approached to talk about a certain product.
For example,
I’ll definitely inquire about the nutritional facts if the product is said to be “healthy”.
I’ve turned down sponsorships of products/ events related to alcohol,
Slimming/ weight loss products
& yes,
juice cleansing.
Don’t get me wrong,
I’m not trying to promote myself here or anything (haha)
Neither am I saying that those who drinks
/agree with these products are in the wrong.
These are just my personal opinions & views.


The reason why I wanna share a post on juice cleansing is cause I realize how popular it has become & how even my mum was asking me if she should try it out…

I’ve gone through some of the websites selling/ providing juice cleanses
&here are some of the words you will most likely see:
Weight loss / shed off excess weight
Reduction in excess stubborn fats
Reduce cellulite
Higher metabolism
Feel lighter, cleaner and energized
Re-establish your relationship with food
Detox & cleanse

Cleansing your body from toxins & removing bacteria from your body sounds like a pretty good idea ehh?
So why am I not giving it a go/ jumping on the bandwagon?

I think juices are a great way for people to reach their RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) of fruits and veggies, especially those who don’t like veggies/don’t like chewing on them.
Another possible benefit of juice cleansing can be that it helps to break unhealthy eating habits.
Just like how if you consume lesser sugar/ sodium over a period of time,
Your body wouldn’t crave for it as much.
There is actually very little scientific evidence indicating that juice cleanse actually cleanses the body.
There are also no reliable sources showing that juices are healthier than eating it whole.
In fact,
Some of the fiber & antioxidants are removed during the juicing process.

I’m pretty sure the main drive for those who are thinking of giving it a go
Is to lose weight/fats.
Juice cleansing will most definitely NOT aid in weight loss
cause you will GAIN it all back.
The weight you lose is water weight.
I guess its true how you will feel less bloated
but if you wanna lose the weight permanently,
juice cleansing is def not the answer.
Remember how I talked about your body going into starvation mode when you’re not consuming enough calories?
Some articles even mentioned that
you could permanently lower your metabolism if you're at it for a period of time.

When I was approached to go on a juice cleanse,
My first question was,
“No food AT ALL? I’m pretty sure there isn’t gonna be much protein& fats in the juices.
Aren’t I gonna lose muscle mass?”
I rmb how the company replied me with how they have some fitness advocates that are actually doing the juice cleanse & the whole purpose is to detox my body.
I understand how girls are particular bout gaining muscle mass/ looking muscular/ bulky but I treasure my baby muscles (HAHAH sounds so funny).
It’s really not easy to build muscles,
I took a year to build this much muscle mass
& (trying my best not to be melodramatic here :p )
lean muscle mass starts to break down just after a few days of you consuming insufficient calories.
 *Having a lesser amount of muscle mass also means burning fewer calories overall.

Since you’re feeding your body with around half the calories you need,
Your body starts to draw power sources from triglycerides
& protein (from your muscles). 
Many shared that they feel amazing after juice cleansing.
This maybe because the body is going into ketosis (glycogen stores are used up & body starts burning fats for fuel) as it thinks you’re going into
“starvation mode”.
Ketosis does make you feel less hungry but it’s not the most sufficient source of energy and it may harm your kidneys. 

The juices are high carbohydrate load.
This will cause a surplus of water to enter the intestines.
Which means you are inclined to get diarrhea due to the extra H2O in your gut.

&&& there’s the detox/ cleansing part
which is what our body is already doing on its own.
Our livers, kidneys and intestines filters unwanted elements we consume
& get rid of them via urine, bowel movements, sweat etc.

There are some benefits like how it helps to curb cravings and meet your daily recommended intake of fruits & veggies etc.
But personally,
I don’t see the need for going on a juice cleanse.
Having a balance diet, exercising regularly & getting sufficient rest is the way to go for me! ;)

Once again,
This is just my opinion & preference
Plus some of the stuff I learnt in school (heh it’s like doing revision for me)
& from some of the research I’ve done.
I have nothing against those who are doing / did juice cleansing.
They probably have their reasons (or maybe we have diff views) if they are doing the cleanse.