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{Milly's x EyeLash Extensions}

Y'all should know by now that I'm not very good at makeup :/
&of course, putting on fake eyelashes is a huge challenge for me. 
It doesn't seem to be able to stick on properly, 
one end is never glued properly
&it's always not in line with my natural lashes.

I've heard bout how your natural lashes will drop together with your lash extensions 
so I was quite skeptical bout giving it a go but I'm so glad I did!
It's super hassle free, 
I dont needa put make up when I go out
&whenever I have events to attend/ needa train a group of ppl for events, 
I dont needa worry bout my make up smudging!
YAY :)

I've tried 2 different kinds lashes so far at Milly's
The first one I tried was the single strand ones.
Each strand of lash was glued individually & I actually didn't feel the weight of the lashes at all.
I think these are great for those who are going for the more natural look!
Read bout how some actually experienced red/sore eyes 
so I was super glad that I didn't experience any allergy reaction.
Since this was the first time I've done lash extensions, 
I wasn't used to not rubbing my eyes :/
I had to keep a conscious effort not to rub my eyes heh

Here's how my lashes looked like after 2 weeks: 

I tried the cluster ones next. 
The cluster ones are harder 
&the pros of these over the single strand ones is that they are much more lasting.
Some of the single strands started falling out after 2 weeks
(Think it's cause I'm kinda rough & didn't really maintain them)
but the cluster ones were perfectly intact even after 3 weeks!

Here's how the cluster ones look like:

The cluster ones are not as natural looking 
cause they are glued on uniformly 
&they are way more obvious (longer) as compared to the single strand ones. 
They also look like you've fake eyelashes on 
which is a good thing to me cause it's much more neater with no gaps between each strand. 
The ones I have here are the harder ones so its kinda stiff
but that also means I don't need worry bout them sticking tgt etc. 
For the single strand ones, 
you will needa comb them cause they can get a bit messy. 

these were a lil painful for me even though they have been glued on for a few days. 
I asked Milly bout what the problem might be 
&she advised me to inform the beautician to not paste the cluster lashes at the edge of my eyes. 
She also advised me to try out mixing both the cluster & single strands.
Didn't know I can do that! 
I feel that mixing the cluster lashes with the single strands is of the best
cause then you will have both length & volume. 
I also mentioned to the beautician to remove the cluster lashes at the edges of my eyes.
it worked!
Maybe it cause I have small asian eyes hahaha
I've also inquired for them to add on single strand lashes.

Here's how my lashes are like after 2 weeks:

I'm wearing the softer cluster lashes now.
I like these the best as 
they are super low maintenance & I don't needa worry bout them falling out heh
They are also much more lighter 
& not as rigid as compared to the harder cluster lashes. 

HAHAH did my eye give you a shock?! :}

Good news for y'all!

Milly's is having an Opening Celebration!

Black diamond cluster lash @ $48 (Unlimited Lash)
Usual Price: $65-75

Crown Mink & Royal Fur Single Strand @ $58 (Unlimited Lash)
Usual Price: $85

***Only valid for first 500 customers.
(strictly by appointment at their Bugis cube outlet)

Book your appointment with them:

Far East Plaza #03-131 (6737 6723)
Far East Plaza #03-141 (6737 6723)
Bugis Street L2 (6338 4137)
Bugis Cube #02-12 (6337 6876)
SMS/Whatsapp (8383 5395)

P.S. Code my name "Georgina Poh" to discount :}