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{Mentholatum Lipcare}

It's Christmas tomorrow & is anyone doing last minute shopping like me?

Here's a great christmas gift idea for your girl friends that costs below $10!
Lip balms by Mentholatum!
Been using this brand still I was in secondary school & love it ever since. 
Was super thankful that Mentholatum sent me a bunch this Christmas!

(the black one's for men!)

LipIce Fruity @ $4.30
(This lip balm gives you fruity cooling burst & comes in lemon, strawberry & apple.)

Sheer Color @ $6.50
(This lip balm is really special cause it's a color changeable lip balm to your unique lip tone.)

Shared these goodies with my girls & fam hehe 
Could tell that they love it
& it really came in handy when I was in HK.
My lips started cracking cause of the change in temperature ):
Glad that I brought LipIce (Sheer colour) with me!