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{Hada Labo}

Will be sharing with y'all 2 of my fav products from Hada Labo today :)
Their lotion is my fav of all & plays a vital role in my daily skincare routine.

(Hada Labo lotion, $22.90)

I really like how it gets absorbed into the skin almost instantly.
Ever experience oily and greasy skin after applying toner/lotion?
I'm sure like me, y'all don't like that feeling. 
I used to look for skincare products that are packaged really nicely/ 
have super nice smell 
but I realised that products that are odourless are actually the best as  
they contain lesser chemicals. 
Besides that,
I used to have super dry skin. 
Really how my skin is much more healthier & moist now after using the lotion. 

Here's the other product that I love.
hahaha I love things that are 3-in-1 / 2-in-1. 
This gel is a moisturiser and a mask!
It also hydrates your skin which is important for those who are staying in sunny Singapore. 
Really like the cool feeling after applying the mask :>
This is def a must-try for me!

Sorry that I have not been updating much lately as I'm rushing assignments & presentations atm 
but I already have a blog post in mind!
Cant wait to share it with y'all!