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{What to consider when selecting a gym}

This is a question that I have been asked quite frequently. 
I thought it would be good for me to share with y'all what I look for in a gym
&what makes a good gym to me. 
Will be sharing my opinions & experiences w y'all in this post.
(&Im sorry if this post may turn into a rant hahah)

So what exactly do I look for in a gym?

These are the various factors:
1. Price
2. Location
3. Equipments
4. Space
5. Environment
6. Gym Classes

I will be sharing with y'all based on my experience w
 the community gym, GymmBoxx & the commercial gym that I'm currently gymming at (not gonna share w y'all the gym's name...)

The cost of a gym membership/per entry is def a factor that many will look at.
Your spending power plays a huge role in which gym you will pick ultimately.
The community gym is the cheapest followed by GymmBoxx then the commercial gyms.
I guess it's true you get what you pay for.
The equipment in community gyms are pretty limited
&compared to the other gyms,
the space available isn't very big either.
Unlike the commercial gyms,
the community gyms don't have gym classes,
you needa bring your own towel
&there is limited variety to the equipment that they offer.
I started off gymming in the community gyms as it is the cheapest
&you can find a community gym in almost every neighbourhood.
Like I mentioned earlier,
There are very little equipment available
& the space is pretty small.
It can get quite crazy during peak hours :/
There is usually one squat rack & one smith machine in each comm gym.
I wouldn’t advice ya to gym there if you hate waiting around like me.
There is also little/ no access to cable machines (depending on the outlet you’re at).
They also have rules that I don’t really agree with.

1.    We are not allowed to bring our bottles with us
(needa leave them at the counter area).
I’m thinking the reason behind this is probably cause they are afraid that we might spill our drink…?
It can get quite a hassle to keep going to the counter to get my sip of water in between sets though.

2. We can’t bring dumbbells/weights outta the weights area.
Guess this is cause they don’t want the weights to damage the non-padded floor.
However, I’m still not allowed to bring the weights outta the weights area even though the other parts of the gym’s floor are padded too.
You must be wondering why I needa bring the weights outta the weights area. Its cause the weights area can be really cramped so it is really hard to find even a small area to workout in.

3. We are not allowed to bring external equipment into the gym.
I got told off for bringing my own resistance band & spike ball :/
They don’t offer resistance bands & foam rollers (no gym & BoSu ball either) so I thought I should just bring my own.
I usually use them for stretching and myofascial release.
Was kinda shock that I’m not allowed to bring them in.

4. No photo/videoing taking is allowed.

I’m sure they have their reasons for having those rules.
On the bright side,
Bet many of yall didn’t know that some of the bigger community gyms (eg. the Tampines outlet)
Actually has Ladies’ hour on certain days of the week!
This means that there is 1 or 2 hours whereby only females are allowed in the gym.
I’m aware that some girls are uncomfortable gymming with guys around so this is def a great chance for you to workout J

The gym that I gymmed at next was GymmBoxx.
It was really refreshing I must say.
The equipment is newer,
No rusty weights/dumbbells,
Access to cable machines,
More free weights & squat racks
Plus they have gym balls, BoSu balls and foam rollers.
Needless to say,
It is also much bigger.
The downsides that I can think of are that
per entry fee is pretty ex & it can get really packed during peak hours.
It is much more worth it if you get a membership.
The Bishan outlet has a cafe so it makes it much more easier for those who are looking for healthy post-workout meals.
It is also open 24hrs!

Lastly, it’s the commercial gym that I have been gymming most frequently at recently.
Picked this gym cause it’s nearest to my place
& it’s membership fee is the cheapest outta of the commercial gyms in my area.

Been telling quite a few of y’all bout how I wouldn’t really recommend this gym &here are some of the reasons:

1. The equipment is pretty old & rusty.
I did placed a towel on the equipment where my body is gonna be at but my leg was exposed to the equipment.
I had rash on legs for the next whole week :x
(Gotta give it to them that they always keep the toilets really clean & tidy!)

2. They have this thing with going around asking people to share the contacts of their family & friends while they are gymming/ doing their set.

3. I actually told them that I will not recommend anyone there cause of this incident I had with them when I brought my good friend over to try out the gym classes.
We made quite a fair bit of calls the day before my friend drops by to join me for the classes to make sure that she brings all the necessary things needed
& that she is able to join the classes so long as she talks to the consultant beforehand.
We had to make quite a few calls cause they kept saying that they would get back to us.
It didn’t happen even though we wanted till the late evening.
My friend stays at Pasir Ris & we wanted to try out Pilates, which is at 8am.
She travelled to my place (which is in the central of Sg)
Only to be told that the consultant hasn’t reach yet
&that she cant get the free trial as she isn’t 21 yet and she needs her mum/dad to sign the paper for her(she was gonna be 21 in 2months’ time).
I understand that you have guidelines to follow
But couldn’t you have mentioned that bit when we called you yesterday?

4.    The only thing the consultant talks to me about is money.
(Pretty sure not all the consultants are like that though!)
He talks to me bout why I’m not bringing any family/friends along to the gym & when he found out bout (from someone else who recognizes me @ the gym) me on ig,
He asked for a photo with me so that he can show people who can considering to join the gym that I'm gym-ing there (his words, not mine).
he asked why I didn’t introduce people to join the gym
& why didn’t I blogged about it.

5.My friends warned me bout how the environment at this gym isn't nice. 
I decided to give it a go anyways cause how bad can it be?
heheh it isn't that bad uhh
just that there are some who like to roll their eyes at you/ give you the attitude for no reason whatsoever &
people who don't like to share equipment & tell you in the face bout it.
Unlike GymmBoxx & comm gyms whereby the trainers 
& the regulars will smile and greet you, 
the environment at this gym is almost the total opposite. 
There are a handful who are really nice though!
Just that overall its a kinda less friendly environment but still works for me as I just go there, get things done & leave heh

Each gym has its own pros and cons 
& I will usually advice people to try out GymmBoxx cause it has an affordable good membership with good equipment & environment. 
Hope this is helpful for those who are looking for a gym in Sg!
( Sorry if this turned out to be a rant >:| )