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{Yoga Teacher Training Course x Tirisula}

It’s currently my 2nd week of Yoga Teacher Training course
with Tirisula (3 more weeks to go!).
These 2 weeks have been such an eye opener for me.
I used to think that yoga involves very relaxing movements
But boy, was I wrong.
It’s an amazing combination of strength, endurance and flexibility.
It is extra challenging for me as I’m really lacking in the flexibility department.
Gotta admit that I have not been diligent in doing my stretches after workouts.
The first 2 weeks really tested my determination & perseverance on continuing with the course as each pose hurt like crazyyy.
My muscles are really wayyyyyy too tight for comfort. 

We were also taught on how to do handstands, forearm stands & headstands
in the first week
& needa aim to be able to do headstands in 4 days’ time!

Besides learning the various sequences, Sanskrit, poses & alignments for Ashtanga Yoga,
We were also taught the philosophy behind yoga itself.
This is something that I really enjoy  
As it really is a huge enlightenment;
Being reminded of my intention/purpose and
Learning the 8 limbs of Yoga.
This may be a common misconception but Yoga really doesn’t have anything to do with any religion. 
Yoga philosophy aside,
We had to learn the various systems of the human body (skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular etc.)
This wasn’t too much of a problem for me as
I’m studying Exercise and Sports Science.
Think learning the Sanskrit is much tougher
But I’m managing fine … for now.

We proceeded to learning the various inversions & arm balance poses in week 2.
I’m constantly wondering how all these poses came about.
I mean,
It’s insane (in a good way)!
Each pose is so beautiful & I’m def looking forward to the day where I can perform the various poses (firefly, crane, jump through & jump back etc.).

Will be sharing more on my progress with regards to my flexibility
& Hopefully,
performing various poses that I can’t do at the start
(like headstands, handstands, arm balances etc.)
at the end of my course!
Wish me luck!

Here's how our classroom looks like (Grabbed the pic from Tirisula) :

Love how they didn't include a single mirror in the room as they want us to focus on ourselves 
(instead of competing with others)
& mind-muscle connection 
(instead of relying on the reflection to check our alignments).

For those who are interested,
Here’s some information bout the course that I’m taking (sponsored by Tirisula):

Course Duration: 200hr (5 weeks)

Course Timetable (varies):
Monday-Friday; 7:30am-2pm
7:30am-10:30am – Practical
11:30am-2pm - Theroy

Location: 80 Arab St (199777)

1 Practical Exam
1 Theory Exam
*we will also be assessed on our teaching skills

1 Group Project Presentation
2 Videos Assignment (Group)
6 Written Articles

I really like how the way they assess us is very balanced out hahah
Will share another post bout my experience & progress
at the end of my Yoga Teacher Training.

Stay tuned!