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{Fixing my pain x Orchard Health Clinic}

Those who read my pervious post on my experience on the Yoga Teacher Training Course
would probably know that I am experiencing in pain various parts of my body. 
The most prominent ones would be my stiff neck, 
shoulder, lower back & knee pains (which is basically like almost my entire body -.-). 
I actually get shoulder aches on a daily basis
& I know this sounds really bad. 
How I'm so young 
& yet I'm already experiencing so much pain.
Many may probably think it's cause I injured myself during workouts/
I'm probably not executing proper form. 
The thing is, 
I have been experiencing pain in my traps 
ever since my Secondary school (High School) days. 
I used to shrug it off thinking it's probably due to stress 
& bad posture from hunching over while using the com/ studying. 
it got worst over the years. 
The pain in my left shoulder & neck is so bad these days
 that I had to fight back tears at times.
I have to use Yoko Yoko on a daily basis to get rid of the pain
&it only works for half an hour before the pain comes back. 
Guess I kinda gotten used to having the pain
& is always subconsciously waiting for the pain to come. 

After I've started working out for some time, 
I started to think that all these pain is cause of my tight pecs (chest muscles)
& my knee/back pains are due to my super tight hamstrings & hip flexors. 
How it's probably cause I don't have the habit to stretch/ cool down after my workout
& it just keeps adding up over time. 
I know I may seem "fit" & it's really weird to read bout how I have so many "injuries".
I don't really like to talk/ share about these pains that I'm getting 
cause it's so depressing & I will just be ranting ... & ranting bout them.
I'm always telling my family & friends that I'm an old woman in a young girl's body. 
Recently these pains have gotten so bad that J has to massage my traps&lower back for me whenever we meet, 
my girls actually took turns to massage me during our stay-cation
& I can't even concentrate on a night out w my girls cause my pains that I'm constantly getting in my shoulder. 

I don't know if its just pure coincidence but I received an email from Orchard Health Clinic 
just month to try out their services. 
I'm not sure if you're one to believe in fate hahah 
Needless to say,
I was super thankful & really thrilled to work with them. 

Gotta say that I have been riding on an  
emotional roller coaster these 2 months.
I'm so thankful that have been given so many amazing opportunities
to work with lots of amazing people but
I have been so emotional lately that
sometimes I even get teary for no reason whatsoever ... 
Which is really strange I may say. 
Thought its probably cause of all these things that are going on in my life 
but to tear for no reason...
It just doesn't makes sense. 
It's only later when I met Martin (Founder & Director of Orchard Health Clinic, UK Registered Osteopath) 
that I found out why I have been so emotional lately :/
Martin is super nice & really professional. 
He could almost instantly point out the possible reasons 
as to why I'm experiencing all these problems. 

Before I share more bout my experience w them
& whats the crazy thing that I found out bout myself;
Here's a short description on what Orchard Health Clinic & Osteopaths:

An Osteopath provides drug-free treatments using methods like 
manual therapy, soft tissue massage, traction, 
ultrasound therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation etc. 
Some of the more frequent reasons why people visit them are due to 
aches and pain in the back/neck region, joint injury, spinal disc problems or even just for regular fixing up for good circulation maintenance.
You need be injured/ in bad health to visit them, 
most people get aches/pains due to work/hobby related activities.
Some even have sessions with them just for regular fixing up for good circulation maintenance!

Is anyone super curious as to what I have found bout myself that has been giving me so much pain?
I used to feel frustrated with myself & think that my body is super weak 
cause I get "injured" & tight so easily. 
It's thanks to Martin that I learnt that my body 
is actually tightening up willingly to protect itself.
It's my body's defence mechanism.
He used this simple example to explain how badly I have been treated my body:
"Your body is designed like a Ferrari but you treat it like a tractor."
hahah so depressing. 
I will never forget how he reacted when he found out what the root of the problem is.
That if only it was just a case of tight muscles 
but its far more than that. 
You must be thinking, "Can she just get straight to the point? What IS the problem?"
it turns out that I actually have Hypermobility Syndrome
sometimes also referred to as "loose joints"
This means that my joints can easily move beyond normal range 
& are capable of excessive motion.
I thought being able to bend my thumb to touch my forearm

being able to bend my fingers back more than 90 degrees was the norm. 
It's also from my first visit with Martin that I realised
my arms can bend back more than 180 degrees. 
Always thought I was "lucky" whenever I accidentally miss my footing 
during my trail runs & not sprain my ankles even though 
my ankles may had twisted & rolled out into quite a weird angle. 
Its actually cause I have super loose/stretchy collagens & ligaments. 
Wouldn't deny that this came as a total shock to me.
I studied bout various body deficiencies & syndromes 
but would never have expected that I would be diagnosed with 
one of the syndromes that I had studied. 
My first visit was 3 days ago & this is still sucha shock to me.
Martin then moved on to telling me that my body is meant to be liquid & flow-y
& that I have a "dancer body."
(hey hey hey, is it too late for a career switch? JK HAHAHA)
He mentioned that there are pros & cons for this. 
I will not suffer from minor sprains but I'm more prone to getting shin splints/ tennis elbows
& if my joints were to be dislocated, 
it did be a reallyyyy but injury :/
Not sure is that more of a pro or con...

The reason why I was so emotional last week (the final week of my Yoga Teacher Course)
was cause I did a lot of back bending
& chest opening exercises during the course. 
I don't even do back bends/ stretch my chest much (even though I know they are super tight...)
& I guess my body really needed it. 
Was informed that my body is so used to "protecting" itself by tightening up 
that I naturally close-up emotionally too. 
It will also automatically reject new things that it's being introduced to 
even though it may be good for it. 
So all those chest openings & back bending really did open up my heart a lil heh 

This was my first visit to seek professional help so naturally I was super nervous
as I did not know what to expect from it. 
Been told a lot that sports massage can get quite painful 
&that I must be prepared to tear as they releases all the knots. 
It didn't hurt one bit. 
Martin was super caring & constantly checked to see if I'm ok. 
He did a series of massages
& it was kinda nice to hear the "pops" in my various joints. 
Thought it would be painful but it wasn't at all.

*Tip: Do put on make-up cause he may be massaging your face too hahah*

They ended the session by pasting some Kinesiology Tape on my shoulder
&sharing exercises that I can do at home.
The tape isn't suppose to cure my pain but it is to remind me of my posture.
I'm required to leave it on for 2-3days. 

Can't express how grateful I am to them ): 
To learn so much about myself & to finally do something about the pain that I have been walking around with for so many years. 
Can't wait to get rid of the pain. 
Will def update y'all with my progress!
It's just really crazy how I'm so fortunate to have so many people helping 
me with. 
*always thankful*
Been thinking bout what have I actually done to deserve all these kindness 
getting emotional again hahah

Here's more info bout Orchard Health Clinic:

Park Mall Shopping Centre
(Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut)
9 Penang Road #07-22
Singapore 238459

Tel: +65 6336 9577
Email: info@Orchardhealthclinic.com 

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