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{Tirisula Yoga Teacher Training Course}

It's really crazy how fast time really flew!
My Yoga Teacher Training Course w Tirisula Yoga ended last week.
These 5 weeks have been really challenging for both the mind & body. 

Here's a quick overview of what we did during these 5 weeks:

Week 1
Strength & conditioning
Taught alignment & poses for the Ashtanga Primary Series
Philosophy of Yoga & various systems in our body

Week 2 
Mastering the Ashtanga Primary Series
Arm balances 
Philosophy of Yoga & various systems in our body
*presentation for the muscular system

Week 3
Ashtanga Primary Series
Teaching Trainings 
Yoga theories 
Taught how to do lesson plans & what to look out for when teaching

Week 4
Start teaching the various lesson plans (ultra beginner, beginner, intermediate, master class)
 that we planned the day before
Yoga theories 

Week 5
More teaching
Finishing up with the last bits of the theories 
Theory & Practical exam on the second last day of the course
Celebration party on the last day

Quite a fair bit to absorb in just 5 weeks huh?

The first week was ultra tough
&no doubt,
a test for our determination to just suck it up
& complete the course.
It felt like we were at a yoga boot camp.
I'm not even kidding here.
The teachers were constantly pushing our bodies to the limit
& doing their best to improve our strength
& alignments for poses.
We found out on graduation day that we were the first batch that they are so strict
& hard on!
This is cause they really want us to be disciplined & good teachers.
I was unlucky enough to be down with stomach flu on the second week
but managed to push through
& I'm proud to say that I didn't even miss a single day of class heh
I hate to miss out things in school >:
& guess it's cause I'm pretty stubborn too.
Teacher Paalu actually asked me to sit out for one lesson cause he knew that I was in pain
even though I was smiling hahah
These were his exact words!
I remember it cause funnily (or eerily) enough,
my dad actually said the exact same thing to me before :o
& this isn't the only sentence that both of them had said to me
with the same words used.
hahah so weird.

Having this bitter-sweet feeling & I'm typing this post as I have learnt so much 
& met so many amazing & inspiring people in this course.
Really didn't expect to be learning so much when I agreed to attend the course.
As the weeks pass by,
I can actually feel & see myself grow.
Gaining more & more flexibility,
getting reminded of my values & purpose,
improving in isometric strength & becoming an even more determined person to achieve my goals.
Thrilled to show that I actually started the course not being able to even touch my toes
&now I can do these:

Seated Forward Bend

Still can't get my forehead to touch my legs 
&this still hurts quite a fair bit :/ hahah

Janu Sirsasana A

Bird of Paradise 

not in perfect form yet though.
Will never forget the pain I went through before getting to this stage hahah
Really gotta thank the teachers for helping me out along the way,
pushing me into a deeper stretch
&going deeper into the pose.
It's amazing how much you can actually change in over just a course of 5 weeks if you're consistent with your practices.
Plus the feeling of being able to do what you couldn't at first is ...
Those who are worried bout trying out yoga as you may be tight/inflexible,
don't be kayy!
My hip flexors & hamstrings used to be so tight that I used to get occasional lower back aches D:
I also have super tight pecs & traps
which gave me shoulder & neck pains on a daily basis.
(Horrible right? what iz diz)
This is only happening cause I have not been diligent in my stretches
& I have been doing concentric contractions which makes my muscles tighten up even faster when I don't stretch them out after workouts.
Happy to share that I have no more lower back pains even though my lower body is still pretty tight.
(Still having shoulder & neck pain but I think this will be an even longer process
as I have been experiencing this even before I started working out.)

Besides gaining more flexibility,
I've also managed to do some arm balances!
I did fall a few times
&even bruised my knees but its only from these falls that I learnt to fall properly
&find the balance for the poses.
Looking forward to perfecting them when I gain more flexibility :>

Crow Pose


Mentioned that we also had to go through a series of teaching trainings for this course.
It's my first time teaching/ leading a group.
To top it off,
it's a yoga class that I will be leading.
I have never attended any yoga classes/
know anything bout yoga before this.
Was super worried bout not doing it correctly/
not doing the adjustments properly/
being more of a fitness instructor than a yoga teacher/
giving the cues etc.
Needless to say,
there were tons of things going through my mind :/
I'm more of the observer at the party rather than being the life of the party
so I was practically shaking when I had to go up & teach a lesson plan that I came up with.

The first time I actually taught didn't go as badly as I thought it would be.
Guess I was saved by the fact that I smile even more when I'm nervous
My classmates actually enjoyed my class!
*wipes sweat off forehead*

Still not as good as I would like to be
but I'm glad that I received constructive feedbacks from my teachers
so I'll def keep those points in mind :}

Here's a pic of me teaching a class
& helping my friend go into the pose deeper at the same:

An example of how we can help our students get into a deeper stretch:

I especially enjoy the theory classes in the course cause 
I'm being taught so many things that I didn't know bout!
Really like how Master Teacher Paalu always link the topic that he is gonna teach 
with a story.
My fav topic is no doubt the topic on Chakras.
It's so interesting 
& amazing how we can relate our character & various attributes with the energy vortices in our body. 

Guess it's a good thing that I'm taking a Degree in Sports Science 
& taking this course cause the various systems in our body is not that challenging for me heh
Lesser things for me to worry bout! 

Before we know it, 
it's the last week of our course with TirisulaYoga
Exams couldn't come any sooner. 
the theory paper is open book (100 questions to be completed in 1hr)
& I have super nice classmates who are always so kind to help me in my Asana.
For the Asana (practical) exam, 
we are required to know the Sanskrit names for ALL the poses in the primary series 
& those that are included in our handbook. 
Poses will be called out by our examiners in Sanskrit 
& we will need to execute the poses. 
The duration for the practical exam is 1 - 1 and a half hr. 

Guess what?
Managed to pass all my exams;
theory, practical & teaching. 
What a relief that is heh 
Gotta say this is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. 
To come in not knowing anything bout yoga
& to leave the course remembering the poses in primary series (in Sanskrit some more!), 
being more confident not just as a teacher but also a person
& to an even more grounded person
is really something that I'm so thankful for. 
If anyone were to ask me to describe what the course w TirisulaYoga is like, 
I would say its life changing without hesitation hahah
I have never seen such genuine & dedicated teachers 
who really enjoy what they're doing in a long time.
They really are the main reason who I can improve so much in sucha short time heh

Graduation day was the last day of the course
&we had a mini potluck at the yoga studio. 
(Of course there was tons of photo taking.)

Our certs were given to us by our three teachers:

(Master Paalu, Me, Erica, Hui Yan)
Cause Erica said: "This one we need to flex!" when it was my turn to collect my cert.
First time seeing our teachers being so happy & carefree!

Super thankful to have this opportunity presented to me.
Once again, 
I would like to thank my classmates, teachers & Tirisula Yoga for these amazing 5 weeks.