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{Eyelash Extension w Milly's}

Been wearing eyelash extensions by Milly's for almost half a year now
(I go back every 5weeks or so to change them)
& I'm really starting to get the hang of it heh
Was a bit unsure bout it at first as I heard bout the real lashes dropping when you wear fake eyelashes
&how it may be troublesome when it comes to washing my face. 
It's safe to say that the lashes (both the fake & real ones) are not prone to drop easily 
unless you have the habit of rubbing your eyes. 
I'm also using the cluster lashes (not the single strand ones)
which I feel lasts longer even though they don't look as natural as the single strand lashes. 
Cant express how convenient it is for me now that I have these lashes on as 
getting ready is so easy. 
I don't have to worry bout putting on eyeliner& fake lashes/ mascara 
when I'm attending events or going out.
It's extra helpful to have them on when I go for workout events!
Don't needa worry bout whether my eyeliner/mascara is smudging 
cause of the sweat that's dripping down 
& how I still needa look professional & neat for the cameras after. 

Took some pictures of my eyes when they removed the extensions.
Happy to share that most of my real lashes are still intact.
(think this may be subjective, depending on your skin type etc.)

Another thing that I love bout the lash extensions is that it actually helps to make 
my double eyelids more prominent! 
I have uneven tapered eyelids.
My right eyelid's slightly higher than my left eye's.

Left Eye

Right Eye

Here's how they look like when I have lash extensions on: 

The difference is quite obvious 
& the extensions def make my tiny eyes look bigger.
I heard that the more prominent double eyelid thing is pretty subjective too. 
Some experienced it & some didn't. 
Think it depends on how heavy your eyelids are :/
 I actually went swimming with them on once!
I was learning how to swim...
I came outta the pool with all my lashes still intact.
The only problem I had was cause these are cluster lashes,
they can actually "hold/carry" some of the water.
Overall really satisfied with the lashes heh. 

For those who are thinking of giving the lashes a go,
Milly's is having a promo right now!

Latest Korea Technology Miracle Mink Eyelash Extension 
Cluster Lash @ $58 (Normal Price: $85)
Single Lash Type (Unlimited Lash) @ $68 (Normal Price: $100

*Only Valid at Bugis Cube and Bugis Street Outlet.

BugisStreet L2 -- 63384137 
Bugis Cube #02-12 -- 6337 6876
SMS / Whatsapp: 83835395

* Strictly by Appointment only *

If these outlets are inconvenient for ya,
you can pop by their other outlets
& quote my name "Georgina Poh" to get a discount!