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{Things I don't EVER eat/drink}

Been getting quite a fair bit of enquiries as to what my diet’s like.
Will be sharing with you some of the tips that I have when it comes to my diet in this post J
I don’t count macros/ calories nor do I eat clean 24/7,
as I simply don’t see the need for me to do that.
I don’t compete (& not planning to)
so I don’t really see the point in me needing to be so particular about diet.
That being said,
It doesn’t mean that I eat junk excessively either.
Moderation is very important to me when it comes to my diet.
So what exactly does moderation means?

Before I go more in-depth bout that,
Here are some of the things that I DON’T (ever) eat/drink:

1.     Soft Drinks
The reason why I don’t drink soft drinks is cause it feels like empty calories to me.
There are no nutrients in it whatsoever and each can of soda can easily amount 
to 10 tablespoons of sugar.
That’s besides the fact that it may result in various health issues such as obesity, osteoporosis and cancer if it’s being consumed excessively.

2. Syrup Drinks
Drinks like Bandung is a big no-no for me.
Not only does it contains high amount of sugar,
there's also quite a fair bit of fats due to the condensed milk that goes into the drink.
Even the mango/apple/ any fruity drinks you see in the restaurant menus
have tons of sugar in them.
They will usually use/add in the syrup to make the drink.
*Disclaimer: not saying that all stores are like that.*

I also don't buy fruit juices as most of the fruit juice stores
add tons of sugar water into the juice (with min. amt of fruits).
Some even add condensed milk into milkshakes like avocado milkshakes.
Will usually make my own fruit juice at home instead heh

3.     Fatty parts of various meat

I will always opt for lean meat.
If the meat happens to have fats with it,
I will make sure to remove the fatty area.

4. Whipped Cream
This is something that I don't personally fancy.
Lucky for me cause it contains saturated fats and trans fats.

5. Funky things like organs/intestines/pig trotters
Besides being a fussy eater (:/) ,
I'm also not very adventurers when it comes to food.
I don't like the idea of eating these dishes
& they are mostly very high in cholesterol & fat content (esp pig trotters).

Mentioned that moderation is very important to me
when it comes to food.
Will be sharing with y'all a post on tips for eating out
& "moderation" is like in my diet.