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{Face Treatment x Simplistiq}

Was really thrilled & nervous when I pop by Simplistiq for my first face treatment as I have pretty bad experiences when it comes to facial or anything related to face treatments :/
I have a fair bit of small bumps &pimples on my face.

It gets worse whenever my period is approaching.
I always needa mentally prepare myself whenever I’m going for facial as
It usually hurts so much (ok, maybe my pain threshold isn’t very high)
That I will start tearing.
To top it off,
I always leave the beauty center with a swollen face & tons of huge red spots.
HAHAH J always needa bear w me whining bout
how bad I look now with all those swollen red spots all over my face.

Not sure if y’all experienced having those big pimple bumps on your face
&no matter how much you poke it,
nothing comes out?
I have one of those & it has been bothering me for close to 2months :/
I asked the beauty centre that I usually go to for help
&they did a laser treatment thingy for me.
It kinda burnt my face &the area where they treated started bleeding the follow day D:

Can you see the dark red spot? 
This was taken a few days after the laser treatment w the beauty centre.
It was way worse & bigger before.
You can also see that I have spots & scar on this side of my face. 

That's kinda why I was quite nervous when I heard that Simplistiq will be giving me a Simplisfiq laser treatment.
Before I talk about my experience with Simplistiq,
Here’s some information on what the laser treatment is:
The laser is a beam of energy at wavelength of 1064nm.
The power of the beam can be set at different intensity so as to accommodate to individual skin condition and expectations.
This treatment can be used for pigmentation (freckles, sun spots, age spots, brown spots, melisma, birthmarks), acne marks, skin lightening and brightening, rejuvenation and pimples and acne.

Was informed that it’s really great for clearance of acne marks and also helps to prevent & treat pimples.
Sounds pretty awesome ehh? Heh
Not only that,
It can also aid in shrinking oil glands, helping with oil control
&the heat engery from the laser stimulates collagen production for firmer skin.

Dr. Tan mentioned that he would check how high my pain threshold is during my first laser treatment, which kinda scared me a little
as my pain tolerance isn’t very high :/

Me trying to remain calm & look cool cause I saw the laser machine that 
Dr. Tan's gonna use :x

The Laser Facial is a combination of laser & hydrafacial Vortex fusion.
A laser procedure was first used to treat & clean the skin (clearing away impurities like dead skin cells &dirt).
So did it hurt?
Dr. Tan did a few rounds of the laser procedure,
Starting with the lowest intensity & increasing slightly each round.
It was bearable at first.
Kinda felt like ant are constantly biting me hahah
It started to sting a little afterwards & Dr. Tan informed me that he would probably apply the numbing cream on me the next time round.
I def welcome the numbing cream hahah
Can I just add that J was laughing at me when I subconsciously screamed out "ouch"?!?
He mentioned that it’s probably slightly more painful for me cause I have tiny facial hairs & that the laser treatment can also help in reducing facial hair!

Skin was slightly pinkish after the laser treatment
but no burnt marks/ red spots :D

After the laser was done,
Dr. Tan applied a mild chemical peel to unclog pores & blackheads.
I have tons of them on my nose hahah
After that,
He did a vacuum suction extraction of the pores, which was totally pain-free.
Was really happy bout how it didn’t leave any marks after :]

Thought the suction part felt quite "shiok" 
like all the blackheads are finally getting sucked out hahaha

A cooling infusion of antioxidants, peptides &hyaluronic acid was infused into my skin using the Vortex technology.
The antioxidants help to protect against free-radical damage such as the sun, pollution, poor lifestyle habits & aging.
(Thank goodness cause I love sun-tanning hahaha)
Hyaluronic acid is used for hydration of skin &maintenance of long-term moisture, giving the "bouncy" feeling on the skin.
Peptides were used to firm &nourish skin structure.

They applied their in-house Vitamin K serum onto my face to enhance
Skin renewal & brightening.

J kept going on bout how my face looks so bright & clear after the treatment hahah

Curious bout their laser treatment & thinking bout giving it a go?
Guess what!

You can enjoy your first trial of Q-Switched Laser Treatment for just $50!

Check out their website more info :D