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{Mean Comments}

Some of y'all have asked bout the link to my feature on Yahoo,
You can read the article here
I have actually been preparing & planning on what to say/share on this blogpost ever since 
I have seen some of the comments that were posted on Yahoo. 

First &foremost, 
I really do think this column is great for inspiring women/girls.
Its a column where Cheryl Tay (the photographer & writer)
shares different girl's story each week to inspire others to workout.
So why was I preparing for this post?
It's cause I saw all the "comments" coming 
even before my post was up. 
I have read some of the comments given to others who were featured 
& I must say, 
they were really rude & disrespectful. 
Needless to say, 
I'm pretty sure I will receive the same treatment too. 
It's not cause Yahoo is a bad platform/website or anything!
Don't get me wrong, 
it's just that the website allows anonymous posting of comments. 
Which means, 
people can post whatever they wanna say without people actually finding who they really are/
what they look like. 

I wasn't surprise when I read the comments on feature hahah
You must thinking that I'm doing this outta anger 
but it's funny how I'm not even pissed at all. 
I have received such treatment on the internet before,
countless of times.
I believe that those words are only hurtful when you let them get to you. 
I'm writing this post cause I wanna let the many many other girls out there
know that they are not alone. 
That I know how they feel, 
what's it like to be called names 
&have nasty words thrown at you. 
I have read many mails from girls who are getting bullied 
& it really pissed me off to know that they are hurting so much from it. 
I know its hard to not let those insults get to you 
but you gotta remember this, 
does the person's opinions of you really matter so much?

Lemme share with y'all some of the "comments" that I've received from the feature:

Do y'all understand how shallow these comments are?
it's the typical guy (not all guys are like that) mentality whereby women should have big boobs 
& a curvy body. 
They even commented bout things like how my smile...
Feeling really amused right now hahah 
Like seriously? 
I hope they are feeling better bout themselves after sharing their "views". hahah 
I tried putting myself in their position 
&I realised that maybe, just maybe, 
they are leading a really sad/lonely life. 
Not trying to be sarcastic or anything but really, 
it takes a lot to able to say such things to another person. 
 Maybe they live to hurt others cause they aren't having a good life themselves, 
maybe making others feel as miserable as them makes them feel better bout themselves, 
maybe they are just bored & wanna have some "fun/cheap thrills" on the internet. 
I don't really know but I know for sure that 
I will never be able to say/type such things.
It just says a lot bout the kinda person you are. 

I can understand how easy it is to let such things get to you. 
I was really affected when the first ever "hate" comment was written on my ig post. 
I remember crying over it...
How silly of me huh?
I've learnt to use these "feedbacks" positively &push myself to work even harder. 
I realised that those who are saying these things don't even know me at all, 
they didn't even bother reading my article, 
all they did was judge me by my appearance. 
It's just really ridic that boobs/curvy bodies are what some men only look for 
&is their definition of a woman. 
The only thing that pisses me off is that they are treating women as objects
& are constantly trying to shove their idea of "perfect" in our faces. 
guys who think with their D**** don't deserve respect at all 
cause they don't even respect women :p
(No offense to anyone!)
That being said, not all men are like that :)

Social media is playing a bigger & bigger role in our lives 
& its the perfect place for people to write hate comments cause they can hide behind their screens.
Don't ever let them get to you. 
Remember that you are so much more than that. 
Be the bigger person
&if you ever need someone to share your problems with, 
I'm an email away :]

(Thank you everyone for your kind comments! *blush*)

I refused to fit into society's idea of perfect. 
Everyone is different & everyone is beautiful in their own ways. 
I know I'm not super pretty/ curvy/ gorgeous 
but that's just the way I am.
I may not be blessed with super model looks/ big boobs/ killer bod with good genes
 but I have some any other things. 
I have an amazing family, 
friends that I can count on 
&of course, my bf heh :}
Instead of focusing on what you don't have/ 
pay attention to what you have instead. 
hahah & of course, put in hard work
cause hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard:>

Shall end this post here!

This person's comment cracked me up HAHAHAH