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{Lorna Jane product review}

Thrilled that I will be sharing w y'all a review on a set of Lorna Jane workout gear today!
Seen some of their pieces on the net & thought they look really stylish.

I have with me a pair of their running/workout shorts 
& a super fun top.

I like how the bottom is made from light weight lustre LJ woven fabric 
that gives it the slight "leather" kinda feel which makes it looks so fashionable 
& is super comfortable at the same time.
Did some squats in them & I must say, 
it feels good heh 
I also like how there are pockets at the back of the shorts 
which makes it really convenient if you're going out for a run
as you can just keep your keys 
& spare cash in them. 

The top may look simple & plain in the front 
but it actually has a super funky mesh back panel at the back!
This is meant to allow for breathability but 
I reckon that its great for showing off your fav sports bra.

Thought the metal logo at the back is a really nice touch.

I prefer the shorts more compared to the top as I'm usually more of a tank top kinda person
& I really do like how the shorts has both comfort & style.