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{The Saladicious}

Have any of y'all face the problem of not knowing what to eat when you're in town
& you don't want to spend too much/ eat oily & unhealthy food?

Been having my lunches @ The Saladicious the past week 
& its salads are really starting to grow on me!
The Saladicious is located at Food Republic @ Shaw House B1. 

It's so refreshing to see a healthy food store in a food court!
There are so many different kinda salads to choose from 
&you can even create your own salad!

Tried out their pasta & potato salad but 
I gotta say that the Salmon salad is my fav!

There are cashew nuts, cherry tomato, salmon & veggie in this salad. 
It also comes w teriyaki sauce. 
I find that it's a very light meal to have & it doesn't make you "overload" from all the veg
(Unless you're a veg lover :x)
I added feta cheese on top of my salad to give it the extra creamy texture heh

Here's the diff in their salad sizes. 
The one on the left is small whereas the one on the right is a medium. 
Sucha huge diff :o

I have the habit of asking for my salad dressing to be on the side :p
You must be wondering why the salad dressing on the right is greenish in colour. 
Guess what!
It's actually a light wasabi sauce!
It's not too spicy & actually goes surprising well with the salad.
Another fav sauce of mine is their roasted sesame sauce :p

Will update y'all soon with their other salads!
If you happen to be around Shaw area/ is thinking of trying out The Saladicious' salads, 
you can enjoy a FREE topping when you flash this post to them!

You can find out more about The Saladicious on http://thesaladicious.oddle.me // 
like their Facebook page & follow them on Instagram to stay updated!
Enjoy your yummy salad :))