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{Swensen's SG50 food tasting}

Was really privileged to be invited to another round of food tasting at Swensen’s.
This time,
I got to try out some of their SG 50 dishes & some of their new dishes in the menu.
Started the dinner with 2 of their A La Carte dishes;
Tom Yum Popcorn Squid Salad ($11.50) & Golden Breaded Scallops ($9.80)
Gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised by the Tom Yum Popcorn Squid!

It tasted soooo good hahah
The squid was really fresh & it tasted so good with the tom yum sauce.
Double thumbs up for this one!
Like how the sauce comes separately so you can pour
as much as you want into your salad.
It’s a great way to start your meal as it’s really appetizing :p

I ordered the Slipper Lobster Roll ($17.90) for my main course
&my bro got the Oriental Chilli Fish Pasta ($16.90) with a milkshake float on the side
(which he really enjoyed).

Their lobster rolls are always my fav dish at Swensen’s
cause there is a generous serving of the lobster
& I love the buttered bun!

Here’s the spicy Oriental Chilli (Dory) Fish Pasta for my brother had:

Gotta say their You had Me at Laksa Penne ($14.90) was one of my personal fav
For the main dishes.

They even have samba on the side! 
Thought this was the best dish out of the 3 of their SG50 dishes.
Was surprised by how well the laksa gravy complimented the penne.

The other two SG50 dishes were Kicap Manis Glazed Mullet ($15.90)
& Banana Chicken Makes a Comeback ($14.90).
Thought the Kicap Manis Glazed Mullet had a very chinese zi char's steam fish taste to it hahah

Decided to give the Banana Chicken a go as it seems like really a interesting dish.

Have never eaten anything like this before
& I'm not very adventurous when it comes food.
Was wondering if it would taste like goreng pisang (friend banana).
Took a sniff of it (I like smelling my food before eating it … Sometimes hahaha)
before popping it into my mouth
&it actually smelled like goreng pisang :o
I felt that the banana’s taste actually over powered the chicken’s taste.
I would prefer to have these 2 items separately heh

&of course,
we ended our dinner with desserts!
 Had the food tasting at their Ion Orchard outlet 
which means that...

Swensen's also launched 2 new dessert:
 Milo Dinosaur Sundae Dirt Pot ($10.50)
& Deconstructed Raspberry Cheesecake ($11.50).
Needless to say, 
I picked the Dirt Pot :}

Managed to stuff some hot & fluffy waffles
& Hazelnut & Earl Grey Lavender ice cream after :x