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{Zespri x #wakeupwithakiwi}

Some of yall would probably know that I’m collaborating with Zespri this month for #wakeupwithakiwi campaign.

Had pretty crazy month with them & it has been such an eye-opener.
I always love working with companies/ products that I really truly believe in.
I don’t know bout yall but my fam always make it a habit to have fruits in our fridge/ kitchen
& one of the reason as to why we will usually get Zespri’s kiwis is that they are always so sweet &fresh plus they are easy to consume.

Think it is about time that we give the Zespri Green Kiwis some well-deserved recognition as it has been wronged for way too long hahaha
People tend to associate the green kiwi as the sour one
& the golden kiwis as the sweet one.
The green kiwis are actually sweet too!

Here’s one trick that I always use to check if my kiwis are sweet & ripen:
 Gently touch & feel the kiwi.
If it’s soft, it means that the kiwi has ripened.
If not,
You can simply place the kiwis in a bag together with other fruits like apples & bananas.
Tie the bag up for 1-3days & this will help to speed up the ripening process :)

Zespri actually came up with a Splice to make eating the kiwifruits so much more easier & enjoyable.
One end of the Splice acts as the knife to cut the fruit open
& the other end is a spoon to help scoop out the fresh.

Do you know that the skin of the kiwifruit is actually edible?!
It’s also the part that has the most amount of fibre.

Enough bout me going on & on about kiwifruits heh

Shall share some of the pics from the Zespri X Georgina Workout Event
That took place last weekend.
Am so happy to be able to meet some of yall
& it really still pretty shocking to me to be where I am today.
I know it may not be much to some but it's a pretty damn big deal to me
& I know I said it before but I'm gonna say it again, 
thanks for making me feel extraordinary hehe

Everyone has a goodie bag filled with kiwis & this super adorable bottle 
which was kinda my "torture tool" for the day :p

Day 1 was Zespri's media workout session. 
Was pretty bummed out bout how I was down with flu 
but was ever so thankful that I managed to pull through. 

Hope the media enjoyed the session as much as I did torturing them heheh 

Can you spot my full-time photographer (aka bf) in the pic below?

Day 2 was Zespri x Georgina's consumer workout event 
which was the one that Zespri has organised for y'all amazing people out there!
I was feeling much better & only had slight flu :]

Y'all were amazingggg!
I know some of you guys was feeling pretty sore but still kept on going.
So proud of you guys heheh

I just had to share the cute pic of the Zespri Kiwifruit mascot joining in on the workout hahah

Shared a short snippet of the workout video that I did w Zespri on my Instagram.
Here's the full video up on YouTube:

So strange to listen to my own voice hahah
Once again,
this is only possible thanks to Zespri & you guys.
Thank you so very much :}